Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Random Thoughts...

How long does it take to go from this... this?

One year, seven months for Hannah. The first picture was taken in April of 2004 and if it wasn't the first time, it was one of the first times that I put a bow in her hair. I think it was attached to about 3 strands of hair but, I promise it was in her hair. When I came home tonight and saw Hannah's hair hanging in her face, I couldn't help but, remember when she had none! I loved her little head then and I love her curls now...strange how that is. Right now she is pretending to be a doctor and she is doctoring her daddy. She has her bubble toys and she is tormenting Joey with them by scratching, poking and hammering him! Oooo, she just shoved the bubble wand up his nose! Ouch! I think the session is over!

Speaking of her daddy, it appears that I may have a little competition on my hands. When asked if she had a boyfriend, my cousin's little girl (4 years old) said, "yes". When they inquired who it was she said, "Joey!" He is a pretty good catch! Good choice Anna!

Anonymous Nicole had this to say:

Anna LOOOOOVES Joey! She talked about him non-stop for days after the last visit. Can't wait to hear what she says this time. :-)


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