Thursday, July 06, 2006
Happy Birthday, Hannah!

My baby is now three years old. It is hard to believe that on Sunday it was 3 years since she made her debut! Joey always remarks that when she was born her eyes were wide open. They stayed that way for two hours after she was born as if she was taking in all that she could in the world around her. In three years she has gained some 21+ pounds and grown some 15+ inches. And that was just at her last doctors appointment...I'm sure she's grown more since then! Her vocabulary has gone from nothing to probably 800+ words and she speaks in complete sentences. She has grown 20 teeth and a lot of hair...well compared to a year or so ago! She once wore premmie clothes and now dons 2-3T's. She is now potty trained and wants to brush her own teeth! She has gone from a diet of milk only to eating chips and salsa as an appetizer to chicken quesodillas (sp?)! She knows where most of her body parts are and is working on which is left and which is right. She sings whole songs by herself and she counts to ten (skipping 7 every time!) It's hard to believe that she has grown so much in so many ways. I am happy that she is developing the way she should, but I am very sad that I no longer have an infant...I have a pre-schooler.

So...Happy Birthday, Hannah! Always remember that no matter how big or old you get, you'll always be my favorite girl!

Here she is tonight playing with a couple of the things she got for her birthday. Kind of reminds me of the movie "Footloose"! I have some video of her birthday, but will have to post that later when I have a chance to upload it to the computer.


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