Sunday, July 23, 2006
To Africa And Toothpaste!

This is where our daddy is right now (well, at 10:15PM anyway). He is on his way to Paris then on to Africa! He is on a 2 1/2 week mission trip with his dad and we miss him already. Hannah keeps asking me, "do you want to doe to Aprica?" Soooo, what are we going to do for the duration of daddy's trip. Hmmmm, I think we should shop, have lunch, go swimming and get our nails done! Just kidding...well, sorta...I'm sure we'll manage to do some of that while Joey is gone, but I'll try to control myself.

So tonight Hannah walks in the room holding the toothpaste...eating it! Not good, I know! So I tell her not to eat toothpaste that it has things in it that she doesn't want to get too much of. I put the lid back on the toothpaste and told her to take it back in the bathroom and put it away. She took the toothpaste and gave me that "but I will when you're not lookin'" look as she turned toward the bathroom. As she is walking off I told her, "don't open that back up and eat more of it...I CAN see you always!" She turns around and looks back at me and with a looks at me and says, "but you tan't see me in Leigh Anne's bathroom!" (insert sly grin here)!!!

I just want to know one thing...where does she learn these things?

Blogger onemotherslove had this to say:

What are the odds? My niece flew from Miami to Paris - Paris to Douala, Cameroon, Africa! Same place? She's there with Teen Missions this summer.


Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

We'll be praying for Joey's safe travel there, visit and travel back. I'm sure you'll get along well without him though. Not sure about Anna though. She's already asking if he's back yet.

Ask for where Hannah gets all that? Don't you find it a bit peculiar that she picks up on those things shortly after I visit? (wink-wink)


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