Monday, July 24, 2006

So Joey made it to Paris and is due to take off to Douala in a few hours. Seems like he's been gone for weeks and it's only been one day. He had a whole day in Paris and was able to tour the city. I think he is having a good time despite being tired and nervous about the unfamiliar surroundings. I think I will feel a little better once he gets to Africa and meets up with his dad. Something about him being an ocean away and all alone makes me a little nervous. He said that once he gets there he is supposed to be preaching at a teen camp...not sure how that works there, but that's what he's been told he will be doing part of the time. Hmmm, I wonder if the camp food there is any worse than the camp food in the U.S. Haa's probably much worse, but I wonder if the kids there feel the same about camp food as our kids do. Should be interesting to hear about.

As for Hannah and me, we didn't do anything exciting today. We had to go downtown to the medical center for some routine bloodwork for myself. Hannah talked or sang the entire trip...well except when the nurses tried to get her to talk to them!! Strange how that happens. Anyway it wasn't just that she was vocal the entire time, but also that her vocals were so loud! She doesn't get that from me!!! Definitely something she inherited...or learned...from her father!!!


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