Thursday, August 31, 2006
Time Out...Take Two

So you may remember a few months ago or so I told of how Hannah enjoyed time out so much that when I told her that it was time to get out of time out, she hopped down and said something to the effect of, "otay, now I'm doing back to time out and climbed back up." Well, after that I decided that time out was not the preferred method of discipline for Hannah and we moved on to bigger and better things. The other night however I decided to give it another whirl. She has been having breathing treatments again because of the ozone and junk and has been quite the wild child. So much so that by 8:00 at night or so I'm at my wits end. To time out she went and much to my pleasant surprise it had a nice effect. She didn't care for it as much this time. I made her sit there for three minutes. For the rest of the night if I asked her to do something and she didn't, I reminded her of time out and she quickly complied with my avoid time out. Nice.

She must have forgotten tonight because she was just wild...and I do mean wild so I told her that if she didn't settle down and quit screaming that she was going to time out. "Oh, by myself?" she asked. I told her, "yes, by yourself." She says, "and yall dunna leabe me in der all night?" "No, just until you decide to behave," I said. "Oh, I'm not dunna behabe." Now what am I to do at this point, but take her and set her on the foot of my bed (the new designated time out space). I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing now because she is being so ugh! So on the way out of Maw Maw's room I said to Hannah, "tell Maw Maw that you will see her when you decide to behave." She says to me, "I doesn't want to doe to time out!" "Then maybe you can decide real fast to be nice and you can get out." And then she whispers, "bye, Maw Maw." She did decide to behabe, but still had to sit there a couple of minutes. And the whole time that she's sitting there, I'm thinking....GOOD GRIEF she's so cute!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

<--Hannah being silly in front of the I Photo Booth while I'm trying to blog!

O.k. so Hannah can't pronounce some of her letters correctly, but what amazes me is some of the words that she chooses to use. This morning we were taking a bath...because she insists on taking a bath with me and usually has her clothes off and is in the tub before I have the opportunity to object. She wanted to wash my back and when she was done she poured a bowl of water over my back and said, "Otay, now you're all sistooated!" Situated? I don't believe that my 3 year old just used the word situated...and in the proper context! Where does she get this stuff? I had once thought about homeschooling that scares me!

...And since she found out that I thought it was hilarious that she said that, she's been saying it all day.

Saturday, August 26, 2006
We Gotta Work On Pronouncing Our Letters Correctly!

Tonight we went to El Chico for dinner and Hannah kept calling it Hell Chico!

Silly Pics & Markers

Here are a few pictures of Hannah being silly in front of the IPhoto Booth on Joey's computer.

Tonight Hannah was playing with markers...again. The last time she played with markers she colored herself...half of her arm anyway. Tonight she informed me that she was going to make herself blue and went to color herself with the blue marker. I said, "Hannah, don't mark all over yourself with those." Her response, "I will!" To which I replied, "o.k. as long as you realize that when you color on yourself with those markers, I'm going to throw them away!" So she says, "but I wont!" A little while later she was still sitting on the floor playing with the same markers and I saw her trying to hide her fingers...that she had colored blue! I hate being mean, but if I didn't throw those markers in the trash, she will never mind I threw them away. She was heartbroken. She said to me, "you just shouldn't do dat! Dat's mean to me!" Then she went and told Maw Maw and daddy that, "mommy was mean to me, she threwed dose markers away and dey were my markers, 'tause I tolored on myself with dem!" I really did feel bad for throwing them away and making her cry like that, but I also really felt like I had to do it!

Friday, August 25, 2006
Taco Milagro = Gross

We went to Taco Milagro for diner tonight with Joey's parents and I must say that we weren't impressed. At least I wasn't. I told the lady I wanted flautas with chile con queso and she brought flautas with chihuahua cheese on it. What the heck is that? I'll tell you what it looked like. It looked like runny bird poo! And no I didn't eat it...I sent it back and asked her to please put chile con queso on it instead. Then the tortilla soup looked like Wolfe Brand Chili with a ball (yes a ball) of guacamole in the middle of it. Why the heck did they do that? Have you ever had tortilla soup with guaca in it? It tasted about as bad as it looked.

Oh well, at least I wont wonder what that place is like anymore!!! O.k. and the company was alright too!

Thursday, August 24, 2006
Daddy/Daughter Day!

On Tuesday Joey and Hannah spent some time together while I went to a Bible study. When we got up that morning Joey and Hannah were discussing what they should do on their day together and came up with a plan to go to the mall. Well, I met them shortly after the Bible study, but decided that I was sick of my hair and wanted it cut. Which left Hannah and daddy to fend for themselves for an hour or so. At the mall we went to they have opened a new children's museum and they were headed that direction, but when they got there they learned that the museum would be closing in 30 minutes and it took about an hour and a half to make it through there. Hannah of course was heart broken so what's a dad to do? He took her to Libby Lu's. Have you ever been there?? When I found them I saw a young teenaged girl (that worked there) taking Hannah's ponytail out of her hair and I nearly had a fit. Now mind you I know that Joey is smart enough not to get her hair cut or anything bizarre like that especially without asking me first. Plus...they don't cut hair there and I knew that. And...he likes her hair like it is so I knew he wouldn't do anything permanent. But still for some reason it bothered me that they were messing up her hair. I don't know why...just call me weird. Well, long story short...they put odd stuff in her hair (that kind of looked like something that might crawl away when I took it out of her hair and put it on the bathroom counter) then they put make-up (heaven help me!) on her and did the chicken dance with her! That was strange! Apparently Club Libby Lu is a craze among elementary school aged girls because my mother in law knew exactly where we had gone...her 1st grade students talk about going there all the time! I don't know if I'm ready for this! It was embarrassing walking back through the mall with my 3 year old looking like this...

Sunday, August 20, 2006
Swimming With Billy

On Friday Hannah had a friend to swim with. I got a lot of really cute pictures of her and Billy IV swimming together and I couldn't decide which ones to put on the blog so here are all of them and a couple of videos! Thank you Amy for bringing Billy over to play!! Hannah had a blast!

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Friday, August 18, 2006
Didn't Do Much Today

Sorry for the lack of pics tonight. We didn't really do anything all day today. Hannah ran around and played in her underwear and I laid in bed all afternoon. Feeling rather yuck! I think it was something I ate last night because I feel better this evening. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more interesting.

We did get out tonight to go to dinner and when we were discussing what we should eat I suggested Luby's and so we had thought we would go there. Then I said or we could go to Logan's Roadhouse. Well after I said that and Hannah heard that, it was settled. We went to Logan's. When asked what she liked so much at Logan's her response was, "dey hab peanuts!" So I guess, to Hannah, the determining factor of whether or not a restaurant is good is whether or not they have peanuts...or of course the play area! If I had suggested Chuck E. Cheese she might have selected that over Logan's peanuts.

Thursday, August 17, 2006
Wakin' Up Early(er)!

So for the last two days Hannah has gotten up and out of bed earlier than usual. I'm not talkin' crazy early or anything like that, just a time I would much prefer her to get up. 9 or 10 rather than 11:30! The motivation? Her new pool. She loves the thing. And all I have to do is ask, "do you want to swim in your new pool?" Has worked every time so far. The only problem with it is that with Hannah going and spending more time outside, her allergies or something has flared up. She has had this bothersome cough the last two days and I can only assume that it's allergies from being outside. So last night I gave her a breathing treatment because she was coughing so much and I was hoping to ward off a middle of the night all out asthma attack (which is scary). It must have worked or she wasn't going to have one anyway because she didn't.

So here she is swimming in her pool. In that first picture up there she is trying to blow bubbles in the water. Still not real keen on putting her whole face in the water though...but neither was I at her age and I'm o.k. so I'm not pushing her. In this picture she is trying to get her hair wet while still avoiding the full dunk effect. She's so cute! She gets her hair wet and asks for the towel because, "she needs to bry her hey-er (for those readers located a little to the north, that's Texan for hair)!"

So, wish me luck I'm about to try and wake her without bribing her to go swimming.

Monday, August 14, 2006
Swimming Pool

Tonight we went to Wal-Mart and got Hannah a swimming pool. I had hoped they would be on sale since school starts this week here, but they weren't. I couldn't take the one we had anymore. It was the blow up kind and every time we used it (which really isn't that often) I had to blow it up. And since we aren't real sure where the air compressor is, I was exhausted by the time I got the thing set up and ready. The new pool is ready to go. No blowing it up, just put it out and run the hose to it. We got the bigger one and hopefully it will last a few years. Now I had thought that I would be able to kind of bend it and get it into the back of my Pilot without a problem. Joey thought otherwise! Glad I didn't go the other day by myself to get it because Joey was right. There was no way I was going to bend that thing enough to get it into the Pilot without putting a permanent fold in it. So how did we get it home? Well we put it on top of the car and held it down through the windows because we didn't have any rope. On the way home Hannah was quiet and I asked her what she was thinking about. She said, "I'm thinkin' 'bout what my wimmin' pool is doing up dere!"

Here is a picture of Hannah being silly with her fruit roll up tonight!

Thursday, August 10, 2006
Mall Adventures

Today we went to the mall and got Joey a new pair of glasses (he broke his in Africa) and Hannah tried a few on while we waited. I thought she looked really cute and extra smart in them! Then the following video may very well be the cause of me sleeping on the couch for a few nights, but I find it worth it! This is a new exercise thing that they have at Brookstone's. The salesman says, "now that one has some good things about it and some really BAD things about it!" Enjoy!!

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He's Home!!

Yay! Our daddy made it home safe and sound yesterday. I didn't think we were ever going to see him. His flight was delayed an hour and a half. My mom works for a freight forwarder and called saying that one of their truck drivers had tipped his truck over on the way to the airport and guess which terminal was blocked flights! So we drove all the way around the airport and traffic was crazy. Then Joey called saying that they had landed but the pilot was retiring and it was his last flight. There would be firetrucks out on the runway spraying down the plane (guess that's a tradition) so if we saw firetrucks on the way in (which we did), they were spraying his plane, but it wasn't on fire! But...they might be out there a few minutes! Bleh! I had picked up Joey's dad at the airport a few hours earlier and then he took me and Hannah back to the airport and dropped us off so that we could meet him when he got out of customs. When Hannah saw Joey walk out she screamed and ran up to him! Then she wouldn't let me do anything for her. Daddy had to do it. From putting her seat belt on to playing her game with her last night. I thought, "now who's been taking care of you and playing with you for the last 2 1/2 weeks?" Really I didn't care, I just thought it was cute. Joey was hugging me last night when we dropped his dad off at home and Hannah was watching and kind of laughing at us. Then later when we got home he was hugging me again and all of the sudden I felt two little arms around my legs that then moved to one arm around one leg and I could tell that the other arm was around Joey's leg. So we picked Hannah up and hugged her between us which she got a kick out of. I know it's hug...but Hannah loved it!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
A Bashful 3 Year Old...

So we went and had Hannah's picture made the other day. I've had these for a few days and just haven't gotten around to posting them. It was really frustrating at the picture place that day because all of the sudden Hannah got bashful! Most of the pictures they took turned out kinda silly, but they take so many there that I managed to find about 11 or 12 poses that I liked. I kid you not, she had her tongue out in more than half of them. So first the goofy pics...they're still cute (of course), just not really the image I was hoping to capture that day!

And...a few of the good ones. These were definitely more what I had in mind. I guess I shouldn't did make the weeding out process a little easier. Anyway, I like I said I did manage to get some really sweet ones.

Today we went to the mall for lunch and shopping with our friends, Amy and Billy. Hannah woke up about an hour and a half earlier than usual today then didn't take a nap...eeeee! So at 9:30 I was hoping she was down for the night...guess who I hear in the other room! This is not good! Here's hoping she will go back to sleep very soon!!! Tomorrow we get to pick Joey up at the airport!! Yay! I told Hannah earlier today that her daddy was coming home tomorrow and she just started laughing and spinning in circles! That was funny to watch. But what was sad was later in the car she kept saying over and over again, "I miss daddy, I miss daddy, I miss daddy!" Poor baby needs her daddy!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006
C's Are T's, G's Are D's Etc!

I have always thought that Hannah has quite the extensive vocabulary for a three year old, but there are a few letters that she has a little trouble pronouncing. For example, when she says good, it actually comes out like, "dood" go is "doe" etc. It's really cute when she says things like cute which comes out as "tute" or computer sounds like "tompooter," but when she announces that she wants to go to the Hello Kitty Store at the mall...well, kinda makes me want to crawl under a rock!!!

So on Friday I took Hannah for her 3 year check up. She weighed 27 1/2 pounds and is 37 1/2 inches tall. She didn't get any immunizations. They said that she wasn't due for any at three...which kinda surprised me, but they did check her blood and if you can imagine this...they took a urine sample. The doctor said, "I'd like her to give me a sample in a cup." Hahaha, that was funny (strangely the doctor wasn't laughing...she was serious)! You try getting a three year old to pee on demand...let alone into a cup! The absurdity! She went about 4 drops...half into the cup and the other half dribbled back into the potty! That had to do because she informed me that she didn't have anymore tee tee and I didn't feel like squatting there for 30 minutes trying to coax it out of her!

TMI??? Sorry!

Thursday, August 03, 2006
Some Pictures from San Antonio

So here are a few pics of Hannah in San Antonio. She said, "are we dunna stay in da ho-tell?" "Yes," I answered. "Oh, I lub stayin' in ho-tells!" This pictures is while we were riding the boat. I think she was more impressed with the moon than the tour. She kept seeing it and would say, "he's smiling at me!" It was just a sliver and she always thinks the moon is smiling at her when it's like that. Tonight was a half moon and she told us that the moon wasn't happy "tause he's not smiling at me!" It was almost sad!

We took Hannah up to the top of the Tower of Americas. Last time we were in San Antonio, it was closed for remodling and Joey had told her that that was where he had asked mommy if she would marry him. We tried to take her up then, but when she found out it was closed, she cried like her heart was broken. In this pic she had been looking out through the telescope and announced, "I tan see where daddy is, I see Aprica!! I saw him dere!" Later she told us that she couldn't see Africa because it was too far away!

Here she is just dancing by the river. We had stopped to rest for a few minutes and I let her out of her stroller. I think she was glad for the freedom...even if it was short lived. She got way too close for comfort to the river and back in the stroller she went! I've always been kind of surprised that they don't have railing to go around the river. Makes me nervous!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
We Miss Our Daddy!!

Pretty sure Hannah is missing her daddy. Now for quite some time Hannah has had imaginary friends, we have to remember to take them home from the grocery store, we can't let them get too far behind at the mall, they like to share her macaronni & cheese. Today in the car she was talking to her daddy. "DADDY, you're home. That makes me so happy. I'm happy now, will you marry me?" So we have 7 days until Joey gets home! We can't wait!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Back Home

So it has been a few days since I posted. We went to San Antonio for a few days. I guess that wasn't very nice of me to tell about Hannah's yucky spider bites and then not update for a few days. She is doing better. The bites just look like regular insect bites now. No more swelling or redness. I could have gotten on the computer in the hotel there, but we stayed at the Emily Morgan Hotel. Nice hotel, but they charge for everything!!! Wireless internet access for $9 something a addition to our room charge + $19 something a day for valet parking (and you really had no other option unless you wanted to park a mile & 1/2 away and walk. tomorrow maybe I will have a chance to upload some pics from our trip and write a little about our San Antonio adventures. For now, I'm off to bed...I'm beat!

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