Tuesday, August 08, 2006
A Bashful 3 Year Old...

So we went and had Hannah's picture made the other day. I've had these for a few days and just haven't gotten around to posting them. It was really frustrating at the picture place that day because all of the sudden Hannah got bashful! Most of the pictures they took turned out kinda silly, but they take so many there that I managed to find about 11 or 12 poses that I liked. I kid you not, she had her tongue out in more than half of them. So first the goofy pics...they're still cute (of course), just not really the image I was hoping to capture that day!

And...a few of the good ones. These were definitely more what I had in mind. I guess I shouldn't complain...it did make the weeding out process a little easier. Anyway, I like I said I did manage to get some really sweet ones.

Today we went to the mall for lunch and shopping with our friends, Amy and Billy. Hannah woke up about an hour and a half earlier than usual today then didn't take a nap...eeeee! So at 9:30 I was hoping she was down for the night...guess who I hear in the other room! This is not good! Here's hoping she will go back to sleep very soon!!! Tomorrow we get to pick Joey up at the airport!! Yay! I told Hannah earlier today that her daddy was coming home tomorrow and she just started laughing and spinning in circles! That was funny to watch. But what was sad was later in the car she kept saying over and over again, "I miss daddy, I miss daddy, I miss daddy!" Poor baby needs her daddy!!!

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Those are all really good pictures. I really like the second one, It's really cute and looks as though she's blowing a kiss. But they're all adorable. They were taken from a very adorable little girl! Have fun picking up Daddy today, Hannah, and tell him his girlfriend says hello. ;-)


Anonymous Queenbee had this to say:

awww! Those are adorable!


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