Friday, August 18, 2006
Didn't Do Much Today

Sorry for the lack of pics tonight. We didn't really do anything all day today. Hannah ran around and played in her underwear and I laid in bed all afternoon. Feeling rather yuck! I think it was something I ate last night because I feel better this evening. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more interesting.

We did get out tonight to go to dinner and when we were discussing what we should eat I suggested Luby's and so we had thought we would go there. Then I said or we could go to Logan's Roadhouse. Well after I said that and Hannah heard that, it was settled. We went to Logan's. When asked what she liked so much at Logan's her response was, "dey hab peanuts!" So I guess, to Hannah, the determining factor of whether or not a restaurant is good is whether or not they have peanuts...or of course the play area! If I had suggested Chuck E. Cheese she might have selected that over Logan's peanuts.


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