Thursday, August 03, 2006
Some Pictures from San Antonio

So here are a few pics of Hannah in San Antonio. She said, "are we dunna stay in da ho-tell?" "Yes," I answered. "Oh, I lub stayin' in ho-tells!" This pictures is while we were riding the boat. I think she was more impressed with the moon than the tour. She kept seeing it and would say, "he's smiling at me!" It was just a sliver and she always thinks the moon is smiling at her when it's like that. Tonight was a half moon and she told us that the moon wasn't happy "tause he's not smiling at me!" It was almost sad!

We took Hannah up to the top of the Tower of Americas. Last time we were in San Antonio, it was closed for remodling and Joey had told her that that was where he had asked mommy if she would marry him. We tried to take her up then, but when she found out it was closed, she cried like her heart was broken. In this pic she had been looking out through the telescope and announced, "I tan see where daddy is, I see Aprica!! I saw him dere!" Later she told us that she couldn't see Africa because it was too far away!

Here she is just dancing by the river. We had stopped to rest for a few minutes and I let her out of her stroller. I think she was glad for the freedom...even if it was short lived. She got way too close for comfort to the river and back in the stroller she went! I've always been kind of surprised that they don't have railing to go around the river. Makes me nervous!

Blogger dr_bristow had this to say:

Wow, Hannah is just adorable, and the things she says are so cute! How old is she? I love her webpage! God bless!


Blogger onemotherslove had this to say:

It's not very deep! : )


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