Friday, August 25, 2006
Taco Milagro = Gross

We went to Taco Milagro for diner tonight with Joey's parents and I must say that we weren't impressed. At least I wasn't. I told the lady I wanted flautas with chile con queso and she brought flautas with chihuahua cheese on it. What the heck is that? I'll tell you what it looked like. It looked like runny bird poo! And no I didn't eat it...I sent it back and asked her to please put chile con queso on it instead. Then the tortilla soup looked like Wolfe Brand Chili with a ball (yes a ball) of guacamole in the middle of it. Why the heck did they do that? Have you ever had tortilla soup with guaca in it? It tasted about as bad as it looked.

Oh well, at least I wont wonder what that place is like anymore!!! O.k. and the company was alright too!


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