Thursday, August 31, 2006
Time Out...Take Two

So you may remember a few months ago or so I told of how Hannah enjoyed time out so much that when I told her that it was time to get out of time out, she hopped down and said something to the effect of, "otay, now I'm doing back to time out and climbed back up." Well, after that I decided that time out was not the preferred method of discipline for Hannah and we moved on to bigger and better things. The other night however I decided to give it another whirl. She has been having breathing treatments again because of the ozone and junk and has been quite the wild child. So much so that by 8:00 at night or so I'm at my wits end. To time out she went and much to my pleasant surprise it had a nice effect. She didn't care for it as much this time. I made her sit there for three minutes. For the rest of the night if I asked her to do something and she didn't, I reminded her of time out and she quickly complied with my avoid time out. Nice.

She must have forgotten tonight because she was just wild...and I do mean wild so I told her that if she didn't settle down and quit screaming that she was going to time out. "Oh, by myself?" she asked. I told her, "yes, by yourself." She says, "and yall dunna leabe me in der all night?" "No, just until you decide to behave," I said. "Oh, I'm not dunna behabe." Now what am I to do at this point, but take her and set her on the foot of my bed (the new designated time out space). I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing now because she is being so ugh! So on the way out of Maw Maw's room I said to Hannah, "tell Maw Maw that you will see her when you decide to behave." She says to me, "I doesn't want to doe to time out!" "Then maybe you can decide real fast to be nice and you can get out." And then she whispers, "bye, Maw Maw." She did decide to behabe, but still had to sit there a couple of minutes. And the whole time that she's sitting there, I'm thinking....GOOD GRIEF she's so cute!

Blogger onemotherslove had this to say:

When on earth do you sleep?!?!? I'm going to give family time to leave comments before I announce her name. Don't let the suspense kill you! : ) Oh, did I mention that Sandi Patti was part of the Friday intensive at Women of Faith? Saw her on your profile page.


Blogger onemotherslove had this to say:

And Natalie Grant was the special artist for the whole weekend! She was AWESOME!!!


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