Thursday, August 17, 2006
Wakin' Up Early(er)!

So for the last two days Hannah has gotten up and out of bed earlier than usual. I'm not talkin' crazy early or anything like that, just a time I would much prefer her to get up. 9 or 10 rather than 11:30! The motivation? Her new pool. She loves the thing. And all I have to do is ask, "do you want to swim in your new pool?" Has worked every time so far. The only problem with it is that with Hannah going and spending more time outside, her allergies or something has flared up. She has had this bothersome cough the last two days and I can only assume that it's allergies from being outside. So last night I gave her a breathing treatment because she was coughing so much and I was hoping to ward off a middle of the night all out asthma attack (which is scary). It must have worked or she wasn't going to have one anyway because she didn't.

So here she is swimming in her pool. In that first picture up there she is trying to blow bubbles in the water. Still not real keen on putting her whole face in the water though...but neither was I at her age and I'm o.k. so I'm not pushing her. In this picture she is trying to get her hair wet while still avoiding the full dunk effect. She's so cute! She gets her hair wet and asks for the towel because, "she needs to bry her hey-er (for those readers located a little to the north, that's Texan for hair)!"

So, wish me luck I'm about to try and wake her without bribing her to go swimming.

Anonymous Nicole had this to say:

Hey Shawn,
Just wanted to let you know someone has great tastes in swimsuits...Anna has the exact same one. :-) She loved the little ruffle and I thought it was cute.


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