Thursday, September 07, 2006
Ages 8+

Oh well, that's what the box said, but I didn't care! I bought it anyway. We went to Walmart last night and I got Hannah an Easy Bake Oven. We were "looking" at the toys as we MUST do every time we go in there and Hannah decided that she needed an Easy Bake Oven. And being the good mommy that I am, I let her talk me into it. Oh well, I thought it would be fun and a good opportunity to teach her about cooking and junk...since we do it so frequently in our home! At first I wasn't sure about it and put it back on the shelf (unbeknownst to Hannah) and kept looking at things on that aisle. Hannah thinking it was in the buggy announced, "I'm ready to dow now!" I knew that she didn't realize the oven wasn't in our buggy so I said, "o.k., let's go then." She had nothing in the basket and I would have been content to leave Walmart without purchasing a toy, but I also knew that I would be witness to a fit when we got home and Hannah realized that she didn't get the toy she thought she that would be mean. But I played along waiting for her to realize that we didn't have the oven. "Where's my take tookin' dang," she said when she didn't see it in the buggy. I said, "oh, I put it back, I thought we were going to get something else." Tears already! "I was just kidding," I told her! So we went back and got it.

She was so excited about "tookin' sompin'!" We made the cake last night and she ate about half of it. She saved the rest for daddy...after mommy and Maw Maw had a taste! Then this morning she was ready to hit it again and we had to make the sugar cookies. Which she dropped on the floor as soon as they were done. She ate them anyway. Five second rule, right? Right! After dropping them on the floor she had mommy taste them and daddy and Leigh Anne! She asked Joey, "do you like dem when dey brop on de floor? Are dey dood like dat?" Haha, that was after he had tasted them!!!

Ah, the finished product. Sweet success...and chocolate on our face!!! She's adorable!

Blogger Princess Rene had this to say:

LOL! We bought Madison an Easy Bake Oven and the thing didn't work! My EBO was a Holly Hobby oven that resembled the really old timey ovens.. before electricity.. and plumbing.. my mom loved it. I baked 1 cake in it and decided that my grandmother's oven was much more efficient than mine. She is really cute with that oven..let me suggest this.

Emeril Junior Sous Chef Kit

See? She needs that hat. :-D


Anonymous ---daddy had this to say:

Actually it was more like " you like 'em dirty?"


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