Saturday, September 16, 2006
Catching Up!

O.k. so I've been really bad about blogging the last couple of weeks. Just managing to get a post or two or three in a week. Part of it was because we were sick! There is a nasty cold bug going around here and we caught it. Two weeks ago Hannah and I both were at the doctor. I went back a week later because I wasn't getting better and then we both went back for follow up on Tuesday! Fun times! When I went back last week the doctor put me on some of the same breathing treatments that Hannah takes. Now I know why she behaves the way she does when she has those breathing treatments. They make you so jittery! Don't know if that is really a word, but that's how I felt. Anyway, alas we are feeling better and almost back to our normal selves! Otherwise I guess I was just being lazy! Didn't really have much to blog about (since we've been sick, we haven't done much) and rather than bore you and myself, I just didn't do it.

So in other news...I've been trying to find a ballet/tap class for Hannah to go luck so far. There are plenty of places to take her, but most of them don't let the parents observe and I'm not much on just taking her and dropping her off. Part of the reason I want to take her is because I know she would have a blast, but I also want to take her for my sheer entertainment. I want to watch her do it. Also most of the dance places have classes in the morning and I don't really have that option. So the search continues! I will find the perfect place eventually, but I am anxious to get her in a class.

The nini ban is going...not great, just going. She asks for it during the day and sneaks in to get it on occasion...o.k. at least once a day. But...I am being strong! As much as I want to give her anything and everything she wants, I have withheld the nini...except when she's sneaky and I don't realize she has it. I also started putting them up high in the pantry so that she can't really see or reach them instead of just leaving them in the bed. Oh well, we'll get there eventually!

Maybe next week we will get out a little more and I will have more to post. That's it for now!


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