Friday, September 22, 2006
Hold Your Breath Again...

Hannah let me dunk her three times today in the bathtub! This morning I asked her if she wanted to go under again and she promptly grabbed her nose and stuck her face in the water. Then she wanted me to go all the way under so I layed back and went under. Which she found hysterical. When I came up I asked her if she wanted to go under like I had and she said, "yes." I told her to take a big breath, close her eyes and I held her nose and mouth and dunked her baptism style!!! I kinda surprised myself that I actually dunked her, but she came up laughing every time. But...I must say that she'd better learn to close her mouth a little better! I had my hand over her nose and mouth so she didn't get water in there, but I could feel that her mouth was open every time! I'm thrilled that she is getting less afraid of getting her face wet...makes me think maybe there's hope for swimming after all!


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