Sunday, September 24, 2006
Jack Frost

Ladies & gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family...Jack Frost (name actually chosen by Hannah)! That's right, we got Hannah her first pet! I don't think she was impressed at first because the first thing out of her mouth was...and I quote, "eeww!" She warmed up real fast though. Within a few minutes she was smiling and laughing at it. Although when I stuck my hand in the bowl to move some of the rocks around she said, "eee, don't let him bite you!"

For now Jack Frost is sitting on her little table and she has been in to "check" on him several times. "Oh, my fish is waitin' for me to check on him," she'll say! We'll see how long he lasts on the table, but for now that's where he's going to stay. Hopefully he'll make it. She's been warned about putting her hands (although I don't think I have to worry about that...the biting thing, you know) or anything else in the bowl. I'm a little afraid she'll try carrying him across the room or something though, but she has been told not to do that either...we'll see! He may end up on top of the fridge!

We've had quite the weekend. In addition to Jack Frost, I've gotten Hannah signed up for dance classes. She'll be in ballet, tap and creative movement...whatever that is. She is soooo cute in her little leotard and tights. ...And the ballet slippers and tap shoes are to die for! I am so excited...I think maybe more than she is...but she is pretty excited too. Very soon we are going to get her picture made in her little dance clothes. I say little because they are so little...the smallest size they make in everything. She is adorable in them. If she only takes one class and decides she doesn't like it...I don't care it was worth the money just to see her in that outfit! But truthfully, I have a feeling she's going to love it. I CANNOT wait until Thursday!! Videos and pics to follow soon!!! Aren't you excited!?!?!?

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Yes, I am excited. I cannot wait to see the pictures and video. I will be sure and check Hannah's blog Thursday night and Friday. I'm sure she is adorable in her dance outfit just like she is in everything else.


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