Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wow, today was a big day! We went to Bible Study this morning and Hannah got to play with her friend, Billy. Which she thoroughly enjoys every time! Then after the Bible Study we were trying to decide what to do and came up with the idea of going to the zoo. After the zoo we went up to the hospital to see my little cousin since we were literally just around the corner. So...Hannah woke up earlier than usual this morning...9:20 or so and since we were busy at the zoo all afternoon she didn't get a nap. Imagine the charmer she was at dinner. Yeah, that was fun. Note to self: when the child wakes up earlier than usual, takes no nap and has more activity than normal in her extra long day...the drive thru could quite possibly be the most appropriate alternative to dining in. To go would probably even work! I just love it when people stare at you in a restaurant as if to say, "control your child, please!"

So we went to the zoo and Hannah had a blast. I...like a dummy...didn't remember to grab the camera when we stopped by the house on the way so there are no pictures to post. Sorry! But, had I taken the camera you could have seen her in the petting zoo (she wasn't fond of this activity...a little too close for comfort), she also played on a jungle gym, crawled through tunnels like a prairie dog, looked at a pig and called it Wwwuuiiiilllllbbbuuurrr and rode a merry go round...all in addition to looking at all of the other animals outside of the children's section. So to say we are tired...well, that's an understatement. So...off to bed I go!

Oh, and...on Thursday Hannah gets to go to her dance class...and I get to go watch!!! I'm so excited!!!!!


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