Friday, October 13, 2006
An Early Christmas Present!

Hannah discovered one of her Christmas presents this morning. I had started buying a thing here and there so that we wouldn't have so much to do in December and Hannah found her doll. I had been driving around for a month and a half with that and other things in the back of my car and decided to take the gifts in because Hannah likes to climb around in the car when it's parked and she's out of her seat. So I was going to hide it yesterday morning when she woke up and almost caught me then with it. She hardly ever goes in her room so when I realized that she was getting up, I just kind of stuck the bag in there thinking I would hide it better later. Later never came. I forgot all about the gifts, but Hannah was so kind to remind me this morning. Fortunately she was so excited about the new doll that she didn't even realize the entire bag was full of gifts for her. I almost got away with hiding it again when I distracted her, but the look of disappointment when she thought her new doll had run away was too much. I catered and helped her find it again. Oh well, I was anxious to give it to her anyway...and besides, it just gives me an excuse to buy her another present!


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