Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Lesson One In...

...the birds and the bees! This past weekend we made a trip to see Joey's grandparents and while we were there Hannah got to see her cousin, Brayden and some of her 2nd cousins, Ramsi and Remie. On Saturday night we had the adventure of having all the kids spend the night at Nanny and Papa's. That is 4 kids in one house. To some of you that may not seem like a lot, but for me who is used to only one child...and a relatively mild mannered one at that, four is a lot of kid for one house! But Hannah had fun none the less. Two girls and two boys!! Now Hannah is well aware that there are differences between boys and girls, but to what extent, I am not sure.
I am sure, however, that she learned of one very important difference this past weekend. With Hannah we have tried to be careful of what she sees and hears enough to try and prevent her from seeing or hearing things that she isn't psychologically ready to deal with. So I don't think she has ever seen a boy...I mean really seen a boy. Until this weekend that is. Somehow or another she managed to walk in on Brayden as he was finishing up his business in the bathroom. Her reaction? "Why does his belly button stick out like dat," she asked. Joey's grandma happened to be in there with them when Hannah walked in. Brayden says, "because I'm a boy!" To which Hannah replies, "oh." And that was it, end of conversation. Hannah was content with that answer and went on her way and didn't seem to give it another thought.

I wonder why she didn't keep asking, "why??" like she normally does!


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