Thursday, October 26, 2006
The Nini & The Flu Shot...Part II

We took Hannah to the doctor today to get her flu shot. She did really well...didn't even cry when she got the shot. And as promised I let her have her nini. What was funny was that before the doctor came in Hannah had her nini and I told her that she'd better put that up or the doctor might take it away because he wouldn't want her to have it. Joey was with us and kept encouraging her to get rid of it before the doctor came in...I think he was worried the doctor would fuss at us for letting her have it. I on the other hand said, let her have it when he comes in and maybe he will tell her she shouldn't have it. Then I don't have to be the bad guy...right?? Well, all this before the doctor came in and when he did come in, he asked Hannah if she would shake his hand. But...she was holding her hands behind her back. I wasn't thinking about the nini anymore and couldn't figure out why she had become so shy all of the sudden. Until I realized what she was holding behind her back. I almost felt bad for her because I could tell that she was really worried about losing the nini for good. The doctor finally gave up on shaking her hand and went about asking us the usual questions. Hannah then got real busy trying to hide her nini. I wasn't really paying that much attention to her as I knew that she wasn't getting into anything, but then I thought, why is she crouching down by my purse that was kind of behind the table. So I looked a little closer and realized that she was crouching down having a little nini time before she stuffed the nini as deep as she could into my purse. Every now and then she would go back over, have a little suck and then cram the nini back into the depths of my purse. She even went as far as to stick her head around the back end of the table to hide what she was doing. That's bad!


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