Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Collin Crossed The Line

For some reason every time Hannah goes to a play area she finds one friend and plays the entire time with that child. Running along side, chasing, hiding from and seeking them during their brief, but energetic play time. This was true again last night when we went to the mall play area with Mimi. Hannah found a friend named Collin. He was a cute little boy. He even had a little football that he and Hannah managed to SHARE! They threw the ball back and forth and chased each other for a good 45 minutes. Only one or two "incidents" of not wanting to share! His mother laughed and commented that there were all boys in the play area and Hannah chose the one (her son) with his underwear hanging out of the top of his pants to play with and chase. Guess she was considering how sweet he was instead of what he looked like! And he was sweet...even I thought so...until we got ready to leave that is. I told Hannah that it was time to go and that she needed to go tell Collin bye-bye! Which she did...then he came running up to her grabbed her shoulders and said, "I I I want to I want to give you a kiss!" Hannah just stood there, jaw dropped and let him kiss her. Right smack in the mouth! Hannah! Have we taught you NOTHING? ....NO BOYS, BOYS ARE YUCKY!!!!!


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