Thursday, November 23, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Here is one of the latest pictures from Hannah playing with make-up with me and Maw Maw! I don't have time to crop it so it's a little off center and you can see our mess in the background! Oh well! We made a huge mess with the make up and we all had glitter on our faces for a day or two. That stuff is hard to wash off!!

The other day we stopped by the pastor's house to pick something up and Hannah went in to say hi to Bro. Mark and Lynn. When they came back out to the car, Lynn told me that she told Hannah they were going to have a turkey on Thanksgiving and Hannah responds, "I'm having a pig!" Later on the way home she informed us that we were having a horse for lunch too!! Yikes!!

We are off to Mimi's for lunch! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


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I am the stay at home mommy of Hannah. In addition to taking care of her, I take care of her daddy. Joey, my husband is the pastor at our church and that means that I have to be on my best behavior most of the time!! Actually I'm probably not, but I do try so so hard! Especially at church, but that's only because I'm usually sitting on the front pew!

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