Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Now This Job Sounds Fun

Hannah has a new word that she loves to use! DORK! She'll get out of the tub and dry her hair with the towel and say, "do I look like a dork?" I don't know where she gets these things, but I'm quite sure that when she's a teenager she would feel like a dork if her mom had this job...voice overs. Call me dorky if you'd like, but I think this would be fun. I'm quite sure I wouldn't make much money doing it and I would probably laugh every time they hit record, but I think I would have a blast.

...just did blogger's spell check...the word "DORK" isn't in their spell check!! That just strikes me funny!

Anonymous Voice Overs had this to say:

Hi Shawn,

I see you're interested in voice overs.

Have you checked out Voices.com?



Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

what i find funny is on that web site you posted they give you a chance to read testimonials about voice overs.... wouldn't it be just weird if we could hear them instead?? ;-)


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