Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Poor Baby

Hannah was playing with her doll (that was supposed to be her Christmas present) this morning. It's one of those interactive baby alive dolls that will talk to you and eat, drink and wet her diaper among other things!! Sometimes the doll will cry and say "momma!" At the time I was busy cleaning our mess from breakfast when I heard the doll repeatedly say, "whah, momma, whah whah whah!" It was getting annoying, but when I looked over I saw what the doll was crying about!!! Hannah had crammed playdough in her eyes!!! She completely covered both of the doll's eyes with blue playdough and was working on putting more on her when I said, "well, Hannah, no wonder your baby is crying. She doesn't like playdough in her eyes!" Now I'm sure that the doll was just crying because that was the part of the cycle she was on of the things she says while you're playing with her. I thought it was funny though that she happened to be crying after Hannah put playdough in her eyes! Of course I couldn't help the doll out until I got a picture of her with playdough in her eyes! By the time I snapped this shot, the doll was already saying, "I love you, Mommy!" again. Later tonight Hannah told me that her baby was hungry again...for rocks!!! Playdough rocks!

No wonder God hasn't given her a real baby!!!! Haha...I'm only kidding!


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