Monday, November 06, 2006

O.k. so it's been a few days since i posted last...maybe a week. Not too much going on here, just been busy going here and there, there and here. We are all finishing up getting over the sniffles and coughs. Hannah must be going through a phase...a testing phase. You know the kind where she tests me to see if I actually know what I'm doing in this parenting thing! All I know is that I'd better get a handle on this sassy mess she's started or I'm going to be sorry when she turnes 12 or 13. Last night I told her to stop doing something...I can't even remember what....but she kept telling me why she should be able to do whatever she was doing. It ended with me making her sit in her rocker and she couldn't say ANYTHING for 2 minutes. She'd say, "but." And I'd say, "Shhhh, I don't want you to say anything!" "BUT," Again I said, "Shhhhh!" This went on for about 45 seconds of the 2 minutes. I finally told her not to open her mouth until the microwave went off. It was like she was determined to have the last word because as soon as I told her she could get up she reminded me of why she should do what she was doing. And it isn't just what she says. It doesn't do the whole scene justice for me to sit here and type out what all was said. It has a lot to do with how she says what she says!! And sometimes she even shakes her little finger at me!! Where does that come from????


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