Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I finally got a chance to upload the pictures and video from Christmas Day. Here are two videos. The first one is when Hannah realized that Santa "regot" his boots and hat here at our house and the second is just a slideshow of pictures. ...and on the second, that is Hannah singing the Happy Birthday, Jesus song. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

I had no idea that my post about memories was going to inspire so many memories of everyone else! Thanks, to all who commented (and if you didn' can still!). Hannah will love reading all the stories of her great grandmother and great grandfather, otherwise known as Maw Maw and Pop Pop, when she gets older.

Well, I think I have finally finished my Christmas shopping! If not, oh well!! Can I get a hallelujah? Hannah and I are shopped out! Yesterday we stopped at Garden Ridge Pottery to buy ribbon for the ornaments that we made and Hannah found a reindeer that she wanted. It was half off of $9.99 so I agreed and she was content the rest of the time we were in there. I did receive some benefit from the reindeer. The strange thing about this reindeer is that it has a green nose! Today she kept insisting that his name was Redolf, the red nosed reindeer. It didn't matter how much we insisted that his nose wasn't red and that it was Rudolf anyway, she insisted all the more that he was indeed Redolf the red nosed reindeer! Finally we decided that it wasn't worth the argument!! His name is Redolf the red nosed reindeer!

And tonight Hannah has moved her swing from in front of the fire place to make room for Santa! I know it's not Christmas Eve yet, but she thinks it needs to be moved and again, it's not worth the argument. This was prompted by her inquiring of me how Santa got in the house. When I told her that he came down the chimney into the fireplace, she wanted to know if the fire burned him. I only wish it got cold enough here to light a fire in the fireplace!!

Here is a picture of one of the ornaments that we made yesterday. Thank you, David's mom, for the idea. I love the way they turned out...and so do the grandmas!!! My camera battery needs charging so the picture isn't wonderful, but you can kinda see how cute they turned out! In case you can't tell what that is, it's her hand print that was painted to look like snow men. Her thumb is on the other side of the ball, but camera battery went dead!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some of the things I remember most about going to my grandparents' house...playing on their front walkway with the cousins. We would run to the end of the walkway and whoever didn't make it back to the steps before a car passed was out...they lived on a pretty busy street. I remember that every time we went there she would give us each a mason jar to catch bugs in (mostly roly polies) and she would punch holes in the lid with an old ice pick so the bugs could get air. I remember my grandma doing this dance where she sat on the floor like a crab and would alternate her hands smacking herself in the butt! It looked really funny to see an old lady doing such a thing! I also remember her doing this other dance where she put her hands on her knees and switched them back and forth as she wobbled her knees back and forth...I have no idea what these dances are called, but I remember her doing them and thinking that it was hilarious! I remember my grandpa banging his cane on the wall saying that he was going to get us...and hollering for us to shut the front door! I always wondered how he knew the door was open when he was watching Night Rider in his room down the hall! I remember they only had one bathroom and no matter how many were visiting, we all managed to get a bath everyday! I remember sleeping (and giggling) in the front room on a mattress with about 9 other girls and that old window a/c unit that was so loud, but at the same time comforting because I couldn't hear the creaking of the house when it was running. I also remember that they had homemade carpet...the kind where they got scraps of different carpet and put the pieces together to cover the floor. It looked like a mosaic on the floor and there was one place where there was a circle and four squares around it and us kids would sit on the squares and put our game in the circle and play games. The game I remember the most is Memory. I loved playing that game. So much so that when I thought Hannah was old enough I bought her her very own Memory game. This was about six months or so ago and she'll pull it out every now and then wanting someone to play with her and it always brings back those old memories...funny thing about the game Memory! Tonight after her bath, she put on her new Christmas jammies and wanted to grandmother would have loved the red!

Saturday, December 16, 2006
Beans...'s what's for breakfast! At least that's what Hannah wanted for breakfast this morning, that and cheeze its! Is that not disgusting?!?! So I got the camera out for proof when she's 16 that she actually ate that for breakfast! She'll love it when a boy comes over and I drag her pictures out!! ;) Then after I took the picture of her odd breakfast, she began posing for the camera. I was going to make a slideshow of the silly pictures that I took today, but when I got started, I realized that I have quite a few silly pictures of Hannah. These will be great material to rib her with when the boys come over (that is if they ever get to come over)!!! Anyway, I made a slideshow of her silly faces!! Enjoy!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006
Hannah's Newest Thing

...and other random thoughts.

Now a days when Hannah is eating lunch or dinner and she really likes what she is having, she'll say over and over again, "uhm, dat's soo dood! Soo, so dood! That's so dood!" All the while shaking her head back and forth with her eyes closed! She's so dramatic!

We went to her dance class today and the poor girl was so tired that she could hardly keep up. She rubbed her eyes and lagged behind the whole class. No nap and a busy day with Daddy definitely had it's effect on her. At her dance school they have been talking a lot about the recital. It's not until June, but they have already decided on costumes and such (and made us pay for them). Guess we're stuck doing dance at least until if I would get out of it anyway!! That's o.k. though, she loves it and I enjoy watching her. Hannah's class will be daisies for a ballet number and Hershey kisses for tap. Not real sure what Hershey kisses have to do with the Wizard of Oz (theme for the recital), but that's what they're doing. With the exception of being tired today, I did notice that she seems to be picking up some of the things they are teaching her. She can now hop several times on one foot with out practically falling on her face. This is a good thing because she's pretty smart, but not exactly the most coordinated thing!! Of course she didn't exactly have the best odds of being coordinated anyway.

While Hannah was with daddy earlier today, I went to the kidney doctor and I am pleased to say that only one of my levels was out of range and that one just by a few points. The doctor said that could easily be a misreading by the lab, it was so close to the normal range! So now I don't have to go back there for 6 months!!! Yay! Now if I could just get the cardiologist out of my hair so much, life would be grand!! Oh well, I guess it's better than not having them available when I needed them!

Other than that, not much else going on around here. Life has been pretty uneventful...and I'm not complaining!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Questions, questions, questions...

Apparently Hannah has moved from the simply asking "why" phase to the "all out bombard your mother with questions" phase. She asks questions non stop. Which is great because it means she's learning things, but terrible at the same time because half of the questions she asks, I don't know the answer to. For instance, yesterday she asked me, "where was I when Aunt Leigh Anne was a little girl?" Beats the pants off of me where she was...she wasn't even thought of at that do you answer that on a three year old level??? And I know that whatever I answer is just going to spark her curiosity about something else!!!

And we have decided that ALL presents must be kept a secret from Hannah, whether they are for her or not. Joey and I have been taking a photoshop class at the community college here and when we go, Hannah usually stays with her Mimi and Papa. It seems that after dinner last night they (Hannah, Mimi and Papa) went to Walmart and bought some presents...some presents for us!!! Hahaha! I was going to let her tell us what they got, but Joey was talking too loud when she said it so I couldn't hear her. Then he proceeds to tell her that if they bought a present that she needed to keep it a she whispered it! I still didn't hear what she said! Dangit!

Monday, December 11, 2006
"What's Inside My Body?"

Tonight on the way to church that is what Hannah asked me. So I began naming a few things that are in our bodies like bones, a stomach, a heart etc. Then she asked me what was inside my body. I told her the same thing and began naming organs. When I got to the heart again she interrupted me. We have talked to Hannah before about how if we ask Him, Jesus will live in our hearts so she asked, "is Jesus in your heart?" I told her, "yes."

Three year olds are so literal...she said, "but He's not sitting on your heart, huh!"

Not exactly sweetie, but your awfully cute!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

You may be tired of hearing about Pay Per Post, but if you have a blog and haven't already done so, you should check it out and get paid for some of your posts. I like it so much, I'm putting a button in my sidebar that will take you directly to their site. Paid posting is so easy with PayPerPost. You choose the opportunity that you wish to take and simply follow the directions listed. Once your post is approved and you leave the post up for thirty days, you get paid. Some of the opportunities are even worth up to twenty dollars! Then spend your money!!! That's my favorite part!

Thursday, December 07, 2006
Much Better...

In every way! Hannah has just about gotten over her allergies and asthma. She has also had a much needed improvement in her behavior. Which leads me to believe that her behavior over the last couple of weeks has been a direct result of how she felt. If not, I think she finally got the message that she is not in charge! Also today she got to go back to ballet and was thrilled. She hadn't been in two weeks because of Thanksgiving and being sick.

Yesterday we took Hannah and Billy to see Santa Clause. These are the results! They were so cute. Billy wasn't too keen on the idea of sitting on the lap of a strange man in a red suit with a curly white beard. Amy did manage to get him to stand next to Hannah long enough for the lady to take this picture though. I was just amazed that they both looked in the same direction at the same time!

Here is Hannah sitting on Santa's lap by herself. She walked right up to him and just started climbing in his lap. She wasn't timid at all.

And Maw Maw's birthday! Happy Birthday, mom! I'm sure most of you have heard that song, "Happy Birthday, Jesus." We've been listening to the Christmas music for the choir special in the car and Hannah loves that song. She'll tell me, "don't sing when it's the tids part...just when it's the mommy's part." That's because she wants to sing it by herself. Anyway Hannah is in the other room singing, "Happy Birthday, Maw Maw," to the same melody of the Happy Birthday, Jesus song. I can hear Maw Maw laughing!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Trying to get Hannah to cooperate with anything these days has been a real challenge. I'm not sure if I'm just cranky from being cooped up for a week with a sick child or if she's being fussy because of medicines or she's just plumb being a turkey. Whatever it is, I'll be thrilled when it passes! I haven't blogged much the last week because Hannah has been sick, but I think that today she has actually started to mend. She's still yucky sick, but she acted like she was feeling a little better. She actually ate without being tricked or forced for the first time in two days. And since Hannah's been sick, we haven't done much to blog about.

This evening I started working on our Christmas cards. I needed a picture of Hannah for them so I thought instead of spending the time & $$$ (of which I have neither) on professional pictures, that I would doll her up in her Christmas duds and go at it with the digital camera in front of our tree. Posted today are a few of the results! Bleh! They are cute and funny...sort of...,but not really what I was looking for for our Christmas card. I took about 40 pictures and when I got one good one, I quit! I was tired of trying to get her to straighten up and smile normal. She is at the stage (I hope it's a stage) where she wants to act silly for the camera and she has this fake smile.

Anyway, on a more positive note, Hannah is already in bed and asleep tonight. Also, I did manage to get a good picture of her by the tree tonight and have almost gotten our Christmas cards ready to be printed, but you'll have to wait until you get your card to see the good picture. For now you'll have to enjoy the silly ones!

And Princess Hannah, you are still awfully cute and I love you anyhow...your SILLYNESS!

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