Saturday, December 02, 2006

Trying to get Hannah to cooperate with anything these days has been a real challenge. I'm not sure if I'm just cranky from being cooped up for a week with a sick child or if she's being fussy because of medicines or she's just plumb being a turkey. Whatever it is, I'll be thrilled when it passes! I haven't blogged much the last week because Hannah has been sick, but I think that today she has actually started to mend. She's still yucky sick, but she acted like she was feeling a little better. She actually ate without being tricked or forced for the first time in two days. And since Hannah's been sick, we haven't done much to blog about.

This evening I started working on our Christmas cards. I needed a picture of Hannah for them so I thought instead of spending the time & $$$ (of which I have neither) on professional pictures, that I would doll her up in her Christmas duds and go at it with the digital camera in front of our tree. Posted today are a few of the results! Bleh! They are cute and funny...sort of...,but not really what I was looking for for our Christmas card. I took about 40 pictures and when I got one good one, I quit! I was tired of trying to get her to straighten up and smile normal. She is at the stage (I hope it's a stage) where she wants to act silly for the camera and she has this fake smile.

Anyway, on a more positive note, Hannah is already in bed and asleep tonight. Also, I did manage to get a good picture of her by the tree tonight and have almost gotten our Christmas cards ready to be printed, but you'll have to wait until you get your card to see the good picture. For now you'll have to enjoy the silly ones!

And Princess Hannah, you are still awfully cute and I love you anyhow...your SILLYNESS!


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