Thursday, December 14, 2006
Hannah's Newest Thing

...and other random thoughts.

Now a days when Hannah is eating lunch or dinner and she really likes what she is having, she'll say over and over again, "uhm, dat's soo dood! Soo, so dood! That's so dood!" All the while shaking her head back and forth with her eyes closed! She's so dramatic!

We went to her dance class today and the poor girl was so tired that she could hardly keep up. She rubbed her eyes and lagged behind the whole class. No nap and a busy day with Daddy definitely had it's effect on her. At her dance school they have been talking a lot about the recital. It's not until June, but they have already decided on costumes and such (and made us pay for them). Guess we're stuck doing dance at least until if I would get out of it anyway!! That's o.k. though, she loves it and I enjoy watching her. Hannah's class will be daisies for a ballet number and Hershey kisses for tap. Not real sure what Hershey kisses have to do with the Wizard of Oz (theme for the recital), but that's what they're doing. With the exception of being tired today, I did notice that she seems to be picking up some of the things they are teaching her. She can now hop several times on one foot with out practically falling on her face. This is a good thing because she's pretty smart, but not exactly the most coordinated thing!! Of course she didn't exactly have the best odds of being coordinated anyway.

While Hannah was with daddy earlier today, I went to the kidney doctor and I am pleased to say that only one of my levels was out of range and that one just by a few points. The doctor said that could easily be a misreading by the lab, it was so close to the normal range! So now I don't have to go back there for 6 months!!! Yay! Now if I could just get the cardiologist out of my hair so much, life would be grand!! Oh well, I guess it's better than not having them available when I needed them!

Other than that, not much else going on around here. Life has been pretty uneventful...and I'm not complaining!!


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