Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some of the things I remember most about going to my grandparents' house...playing on their front walkway with the cousins. We would run to the end of the walkway and whoever didn't make it back to the steps before a car passed was out...they lived on a pretty busy street. I remember that every time we went there she would give us each a mason jar to catch bugs in (mostly roly polies) and she would punch holes in the lid with an old ice pick so the bugs could get air. I remember my grandma doing this dance where she sat on the floor like a crab and would alternate her hands smacking herself in the butt! It looked really funny to see an old lady doing such a thing! I also remember her doing this other dance where she put her hands on her knees and switched them back and forth as she wobbled her knees back and forth...I have no idea what these dances are called, but I remember her doing them and thinking that it was hilarious! I remember my grandpa banging his cane on the wall saying that he was going to get us...and hollering for us to shut the front door! I always wondered how he knew the door was open when he was watching Night Rider in his room down the hall! I remember they only had one bathroom and no matter how many were visiting, we all managed to get a bath everyday! I remember sleeping (and giggling) in the front room on a mattress with about 9 other girls and that old window a/c unit that was so loud, but at the same time comforting because I couldn't hear the creaking of the house when it was running. I also remember that they had homemade carpet...the kind where they got scraps of different carpet and put the pieces together to cover the floor. It looked like a mosaic on the floor and there was one place where there was a circle and four squares around it and us kids would sit on the squares and put our game in the circle and play games. The game I remember the most is Memory. I loved playing that game. So much so that when I thought Hannah was old enough I bought her her very own Memory game. This was about six months or so ago and she'll pull it out every now and then wanting someone to play with her and it always brings back those old memories...funny thing about the game Memory! Tonight after her bath, she put on her new Christmas jammies and wanted to play...my grandmother would have loved the red!

Anonymous Cindy had this to say:

Aww! Maw Maw would defintely love the red! I wish we all could have taken a small piece of that carpet. I remember the HUGE armoirs in the hallway and the built in cabinets in the bathroom. Oh, and the big bear claw bathtub that was so deep! I also remember eating spinach with pickle juice on it because that's how Pop-Pop ate it and I can't think of him without picturing him in that big white tshirt that had the iron on letters spelling "pop pop" on the front. :) And you forgot to mention maw maw taking her teeth out for us and her hearing aid beeping. The fig tree in the backyard.....that big scary garage full of crap.... the sofa bed in the living room...the roaches running across the floor in the kitchen if you went in there at night and turned the light on....and pop pop saying things like, "if you're smacking that gum for me, you can quit"...or "is there any more salt? Oh, I thought you must have used it all on this rice and gravy" or whatever he was eating at the time! Do you remember the way sheets smelled? Not a bad smell, I just remember it. I think it was from drying them on the line. And the park, you can't forget walking down to the park and to the pool. Thanks for the memories, cuz!


Blogger shawnthegreat had this to say:

I remember all of that too...especially that big round swing at the park that you stood on and rocked back and forth on, then riding home from the park in the back of Pop Pop's baby blue and white truck! When it was still legal to do such a thing!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

I remember Daddy declaring an all-out shooting war against the bluejays after one pecked him on top of his bald head! Also remember how he always had a quick answer for any situation. After he had his first stroke, the doctor told him that he needed to remain calm and whatever he did, to avoid arguments---to just turn and walk away. His response-"Well, Doc, I would have a stroke for sure then!"
And of course, I can still picture Mother doing that "bunny hop" and "Charleston" you were talking about, and teaching me how to crochet. But most of all,I remember her sitting with me in the rocking chair in the living room in Roanoke, as a young girl, telling me about Jesus dying for me and praying with me to accept Him as my Savior.
Love you,
Mom (Hannah's Maw Maw)


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

You will never believe what I remember about Maw Maw. We were all in the hall looking for something with Maw Maw and a roach came out of all that stuff and we all started hollering and screaming and jumping up and down. Maw Maw was yelling "Step on it" "Step on it!" Well, being that it was the middle of the summer and we were all barefooted we all in unison yelled "We're barefooted." About that time she put her foot over the roach and we heard CRUNCH! Oh my! To our dismay, she said that doesn't matter. SHE WAS BAREFOOTED TOO. YUK! We never let her forget that too. (Diane Camp)

One more story about Maw Maw. She was staying with me while Gram was out of town and M-W-F when I would leave and go to the radio station I would tell Maw Maw "Now don't go up those stairs, Maw Maw!" So, one day when I came home from work, she said "I almost went upstairs today because you forgot to tell me not to before you left. I said MAW MAW! She just laughed and laughed!!!! (Diane Camp)

One time Aunt Betty was up at the house and we were all sitting around the dining room table eating and Aunt Betty had a coke. Mother went to reach for something and she knocked Aunt Betty's coke over. She tried to catch it and catch it and catch it but everytime she did she would knock it closer to Aunt Betty. Of course she was dying laughing. For days, everytime she would think about it she would go into hysterics again. (Maxine Moore)

We took Maw Maw to a fish place for her birthday and Maxine brougt her a cake. After the party was over and we were all at the counter checking out, Maxine was holding the cake and a stranger man came and picked it off of her hand. Maxine told him Maw Maw would fight him for the cake. The stranger said "She looked kind of spunky talking about Maw Maw. Maw Maw Cary "What did he say? He said you looked kinda spunky? Maw Maw kept saying what did he say two or three times (the whole restaurant could hear them) Finally, the last time she said what did he say? Cary answered HE SAID YOU LOOK LIKE A MONKEY! The entire restaurant fell out laughing and the man (BIG EYES) ran out of the restaurant! (Diane Camp) PS YOU WANT SOME FISH? - For those of you who never had the pleasure of Maw Maw asking you if you wanted some fish and then proceeded to throw a piece of fish on your place even when you told her no, then you haven't lived. All of Maxine's children and grandchildren can not eat fish without saying YOU WANT SOME FISH? YOU WANT SOME FISH? Thankfully, they haven't started throwing their fish yet! (Diane Camp)


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

She used to make me paper dolls. (Mallory Camp)


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

A memory from Herbie (taken from a letter he wrote to Betty). Keep in mind the "era" in which this was written - not necessarily politically correct - you may not want to read any further:

"Mother and Daddy came to Lake Charles to have lunch with Brenda, & I asked them to stay over & I'd take them & Robert to dinner to celebrate Mother's birthday. We went to PawPaw's Seafood Place. I go there quite a bit & the service is not too good unless I can get this **particular** girl's table. Naturally I asked for & got her table - forgetting about Daddy's lack of admiration for our soul friends. I got there before Mother, Daddy & Robert so I told the soul sister that it was my Mother's birthday & asked if they had cakes. She said they had champagne (sp) but no cake. I told her that Mother didn't drink so to forget about serving champagne. Enter Mother, Daddy, & Robert. I had sat at 3 different tables before finally deciding that the last one would be best for Daddy. The first one was too much in the lime light, I figured for Daddy to be comfortable, the second one was too near a noisy a/c and the last one was perfect I thought. And it was - except for the waitress. She came to the table, took our drink order, put her name plate on the center of the table & left. Daddy was smirking because of the shade of her pigments. Then he saw her name tag & noticed that her name was Pearl. He said "Huh - I ought to take that name tag & scratch out Pearl & put **something else**!" I smirked & said she was the best waitress in the place & he said he could do with a little less service for a lighter color. You have to understand that she's really a good waitress but not real educated, but she doesn't usually come across as a dummy. Well, tonight she asks me if he (Robert) was my brother. I said yes & she said - "no sisters?". Daddy giggled. I said "yes, seven sisters". She said "oh - any girls in the family?" More giggling from both parents. So I said "seven girls & 3 boys" - She said to Mother - "Oh - I'd celebrate my birthday, too." More laughter from parents - She leaves & they both say – “What did she say?”
Then - Pearl brings appetizer - compliments of the house - then a salad we ordered, & then the meal. Mother had a seafood platter w/french fries & the 3 Musketeers had baked catfish w/baked potato. Each time Pearl makes a trip to table Mother & Daddy look around & giggle. Well, we're eating & Daddy asks if I want his baked potato because that isn't on his diet. I said I would if I could but have more than enough w/mine. I suggest that maybe Mother would like it & he said - "Hell - if she eats everything on her plate, I'll have to do like I do to Poochie & rub her belly all night." Much giggling from the 2 sons. With much effort composure is regained & the meal resumes. Daddy decides that maybe Mother would like half of one of his hush puppies & reaches across & puts it on her plate with her protesting that she has more than she can eat (in addition to having a couple of hush puppies of her own). Well, youngest son cracks "Looks like you're really trying for the belly rubbing tonight." Impossible to regain composure.
Are you ready for more - we finish eating - I've had 2 drinks & Daddy's had 2 beers - Pearl brings - compliments of the house as a substitute for a birthday cake & champagne - orange sherbert. Daddy says as she serves - "what's that?" "Orange sherbert" is the reply. "I don't want any of that." I said “that's the substitute for champagne.” Daddy said if it was whiskey it would be o.k. but not ice cream. Pearl leaves the sherbert & goes to kitchen & comes back w/a beer & says – “it’s the lady’s birthday & you’re getting all the goodies.” Laughter all around. Pearl leaves & Daddy said “did you order the beer for me?” Explanations follow & more laughter.
And to think I paid “$2.50 last night to see a movie that wasn’t nearly as entertaining nor as fun. I think everyone – including Pearl – had a good time. Thought maybe you’d enjoy it also. Wish you could have been there.”


Anonymous Robert had this to say:

I remember when we had D.D.(stood for Durn Dog) and she used to lick Maw's Maw's hand and Maw Maw would jerk her hand back real quick and go "Argh". Pop Pop said what was the matter and she replied that Durn Dog just licked her hand. He said that was OK and she said Yes but it bothered her as to what else the dog licked too. He replied, "Well, she's gotta get the taste of you out of her mouth some way."

I also remember calling her to tell her that I was going to go see her in Shreveport. The conversation went something like this:(remember this was with her hearing aids)

Me: Mom, are you ready for some company? Leslie, Connor, and I are going to come see you this weekend.

Mom: What was that, son?

Me: I said are you ready to have some visitors? I am going to go see you this weekend.

Mom: What did you say?

Me: (yelling in the phone now) I said I am going to go see you this weekend.

Long pause

Mom: I still don't understand you son and I don't guess I ever will.

Mother was wise beyond her years as she wasn't the only one to make that last statement about me.

I also remember the time that Daddy took Mother and I out for her birthday. This time we went to The Plantation House.

I think we all had the seafood platter which was overflowing with food. Daddy had several beers with his meal and when Dad asked the waiter for the check, the waiter brought him another beer instead. Dad said I asked for the check not another beer. As the waiter reached to remove the beer, Daddy said no just leave it. He then downed the beer before the waiter brought the check back. We walked outside to the parking lot and Daddy started gagging right as we opened the door to the truck. He then left all of his lunch on the parking lot. In between retches he pulled out his false teeth and told Mother to hold them.
She then started gagging and had to remove her teeth. I told her I hoped he would stop soon as I didn't have any teeth to remove. On the way home we laughed until we were in tears wondering if the person that pulled into our parking spot after us would go inside to eat.


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

ahh the memories, i remember most of all those too. I remember the races up and down the sidewalk as you mentioned but never winning because CINDY would always push me out of the way or into a bush... Still waiting on that rematch.. I remember the walks to the park and swimming in the pool half full of pee. After enjoying a good ol' swim I also remember walking across the bridge to enjoy a snowcone before the walk or ride back to the house. Don't forget the walks in the other direction to good ol' "Bill's Dollar Store" where everything was truely a buck.

I also remember the time where I was told innocently to get Pop Pop's scissors to help cut out pictures from a magazine with my sisters and then being yelled at by Pop Pop to leave his scissors where they were. I have those scissors today and eventually they will be back in their rightful place of hanging behind our bedroom door.

Maw Maw did give me lessons on how to crochet long chains which eventually turned into blankets and eventually scarfs with that wooden loom "thingy."

I also remember the times we spent with Maw Maw & Pop Pop during Christmas. How the street they lived down was always decorated with the town's street decor due to it being one of the main streets. I vividly remember how I eagely lay awake in bed just waiting for Pop Pop's duck call to tear through the night's silence to signal to all in the house that he was ready for everyone to get up and celebrate Christmas. I wonder what happend to that Duck call of his.... ? ....


Anonymous Betty had this to say:

Memories ...the fried shrimp, bar-be-ques, the sauce picante, trips to Kentucky with 10 people in a Plymouth station wagon.

I remember going to church across the street almost every time the doors were open. Who ever said that Baptist didn't have lively business meetings? Anyone remember the one after which there was almost a knock down drag out. Someone had suggested a change and one of the moneyed deacons stood up and proclaimed that he had been a member of that church for 40 years and we had never done it that way before. Thankfully dad had stayed home that night and when he was told what had been said, without blinking an eye, he said, "Someone should have told him that Moses had wandered in the wilderness for 40 years too but had never entered the promise land!" He alway had an answer or a quick comment.

You never told daddy that he ought to do something but he would look at you as only he could and say, Oughta, oughta, you know how oughtas move? They scoot along on their butt!

Remember Leaping Lena with the slot in the hood with "drop coins here" and daddy pushing her to get her to start in the morning?


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

I remember Mom teaching us the "pass the shoe" game, where everyone gets in a cirle and all but one person takes off one shoe and passes it while singing, "I will pass this shoe from me to you, to you. I will pass this shoe and do just like I do." Then whoever didn't have a shoe was out of the game and the song and passing the shoes got faster and faster.

And Shawn, I remember helping Maw Maw make that carpet. Cindy was just a few months old and Dad would let her suck on suckers to keep her quiet.

When Tina was about two, Dad took her to the mutual warehouse to show her off. She was wearing a pretty dress. When he brought her back, she had on pin stripped overalls over her dress.

Maw Maw was the only one brave enough to laugh when a group of us was at a restaurant and the waitress spilled 8 glasses of water on Waynes head. I can still see her shoulders bouncing up and down as she began to laugh and all had to join in.


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Lots of great memories of the two of them.....
I remember Maw Maw and Pop Pop picking me up in that blue and white truck to go fishing. I loved going, but Pop Pop would complain everytime that I caught a fish because I would 1st let the fish swallow the hook....he had a terrible time getting it out. Ha.
Also, I learned early not to ask Maw Maw to cook me a hamburger because it was mainly cracker crumbs, but who am I to complain...at least it wasn't rabbit meat!
And about that "belly rubbing"...that must have been a common occurrence because I walked into the room (MY ROOM!) that they slept in at our house in L.C. and Maw Maw's shirt was pushed up some and Pop Pop was rubbing her belly. That was kind of embarrassing!!
I'm so thankful for all of the memories that we have to share w/ our children.


Anonymous Cindy had this to say:

Thanks so much to all of you sharing memories of Pop Pop rubbing Maw Maw's belly. That is one mental image I could live my WHOLE life without!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

I remember.....
GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP.... Mother's favorite sing song to wake us up. I made the mistake of telling Karen when she was little and quite often she would then use it on me....

Doodee Doodee Doodee....Dad's way of saying..."quit that right now" When the girls were small and he said that to them they looked at me and said..."What does that mean?"

Mom's story telling of Epandemandus...(sp) And singing Barney Google,.,.,.,.

The gum drop Christmas tree, which thanks to Brenda I'm doing this year.

Daddy having a kidney stone attack and Dr McClure giving him a shot in his B-yonyontee...(sp) and our hiding under the stairs in Roanoke.

Riding in the pick-up truck from Roanoke to Welsh to go to church.

Mom also taught me to crochet..or tried to. She could go so fast that I couldn't keep up. Finally got a book and that helped. That was a great hobby that we shared. I have soooo many crocheted animals and dolls she did for the girls. Every Christmas I would let the girls go to bed with a Christmas present...of course they choose MawMaw's because they knew it was a crocheted stuffed animal.


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

**Sorry Woody, your comment has been edited by Hannah's mother!!!

Once, Maw Maw was visiting our house. I went to play golf and came home around noon. It was time to use the bathroom when I got home and I headed directly to the master bathroom, which typically was only used by Pat and me. Well, when I opened the door to the john, there was a behind sticking up in the air, obviously belonging to a woman washing her hair in my bathroom. It had to be Pat. So, I took my foot and gave her a friendly kick in the butt. I went outside and standing near the bedroom door was Pat. She said that she meant to warn me when I got home that Maw Maw was washing her hair in the master bedroom, but failed to hear me come in. It didn't seem to bother Maw Maw too mupch but Pat still has the red because I couldn't tell the difference between Maw Maw's behind and hers. I know how to impress women.


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