Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Questions, questions, questions...

Apparently Hannah has moved from the simply asking "why" phase to the "all out bombard your mother with questions" phase. She asks questions non stop. Which is great because it means she's learning things, but terrible at the same time because half of the questions she asks, I don't know the answer to. For instance, yesterday she asked me, "where was I when Aunt Leigh Anne was a little girl?" Beats the pants off of me where she was...she wasn't even thought of at that do you answer that on a three year old level??? And I know that whatever I answer is just going to spark her curiosity about something else!!!

And we have decided that ALL presents must be kept a secret from Hannah, whether they are for her or not. Joey and I have been taking a photoshop class at the community college here and when we go, Hannah usually stays with her Mimi and Papa. It seems that after dinner last night they (Hannah, Mimi and Papa) went to Walmart and bought some presents...some presents for us!!! Hahaha! I was going to let her tell us what they got, but Joey was talking too loud when she said it so I couldn't hear her. Then he proceeds to tell her that if they bought a present that she needed to keep it a she whispered it! I still didn't hear what she said! Dangit!


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