Saturday, December 23, 2006

I had no idea that my post about memories was going to inspire so many memories of everyone else! Thanks, to all who commented (and if you didn' can still!). Hannah will love reading all the stories of her great grandmother and great grandfather, otherwise known as Maw Maw and Pop Pop, when she gets older.

Well, I think I have finally finished my Christmas shopping! If not, oh well!! Can I get a hallelujah? Hannah and I are shopped out! Yesterday we stopped at Garden Ridge Pottery to buy ribbon for the ornaments that we made and Hannah found a reindeer that she wanted. It was half off of $9.99 so I agreed and she was content the rest of the time we were in there. I did receive some benefit from the reindeer. The strange thing about this reindeer is that it has a green nose! Today she kept insisting that his name was Redolf, the red nosed reindeer. It didn't matter how much we insisted that his nose wasn't red and that it was Rudolf anyway, she insisted all the more that he was indeed Redolf the red nosed reindeer! Finally we decided that it wasn't worth the argument!! His name is Redolf the red nosed reindeer!

And tonight Hannah has moved her swing from in front of the fire place to make room for Santa! I know it's not Christmas Eve yet, but she thinks it needs to be moved and again, it's not worth the argument. This was prompted by her inquiring of me how Santa got in the house. When I told her that he came down the chimney into the fireplace, she wanted to know if the fire burned him. I only wish it got cold enough here to light a fire in the fireplace!!

Here is a picture of one of the ornaments that we made yesterday. Thank you, David's mom, for the idea. I love the way they turned out...and so do the grandmas!!! My camera battery needs charging so the picture isn't wonderful, but you can kinda see how cute they turned out! In case you can't tell what that is, it's her hand print that was painted to look like snow men. Her thumb is on the other side of the ball, but camera battery went dead!!

Anonymous Nicole had this to say:

Absolutely LOOOE the snowman idea. I think it is just precious! Merry Christmas to you all! :-)


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

OH! They turned out sooo good!!! Great job Hannah & Mom! Merry Christmas from David & Mom!


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