Wednesday, January 31, 2007
My Talent In Sewing...

...or the lack there of. Today I made a couple of presents for Aunt Leigh Anne's birthday. I made her a body pillow and two pillow cases. I know you can buy body pillows at Walmart, but she likes the one she's had for 13 or 14 years and I was trying to duplicate it. I'm not sure if I succeeded or not, we'll see on Thursday night whether or not she sleeps on it. Anyway, I'm quite sure Hannah was pleased with the outcome as she promptly requested one of her own. I had left over material and stuffing so I was going to try and make her a heart shaped pillow instead of a body pillow. She liked that idea as well. Notice I said she liked that IDEA as well. I didn't have a heart shaped pattern, but I thought...honestly how hard could this be, fold a piece of paper or cardboard in half and go at it with the scissors, right?? Well, my pattern turned out o.k., but when I got done sewing and stuffing the "heart" shaped pillow...well let's just say, I wont be posting a picture as it is quite the vulgar looking thing! Not pleased with my creation, I set the "heart" pillow aside and moved on to a square pillow for Hannah. Which turned out nicely! Later Hannah came into the office where the "heart" pillow had been tossed aside and all but forgotten and said, "hey, dis looks like boobies!!! Hahahahaha!"

No pictures needed...agreed??

Sunday, January 28, 2007
4 AM...Are You Kidding Me???

It's not Hannah keeping me awake this time...I just can't sleep! Which drives me nuts. I absolutely can not stand to lay in bed awake for hours. So here I am trying to get sleepy in front of the computer! Lovely!

Hannah has not been up to much lately. I cleaned her little plastic swing off the other day and hung it back up in the backyard and she loved it...again. The weather has been sooooo nice the last few days that we had to get outside. It's been so dreary and gross out lately that we were about to loose our minds and go stir crazy! But the last three days have been gorgeous.

Hannah has come out with some crazy things lately. The other day she crawled up in bed and when Maw Maw came to lay down Hannah scooted over on Maw Maw's side and layed right where she was about to sit down. She's done this before and just laughs. When she did it the other night my mom scooted her over and sat down in her spot all the while laughing at Hannah. Hannah, laughing too, blurts out, "I SWEAR..." Maw Maw and I started laughing so hard that we didn't hear what she said afterwards and she wouldn't tell us later. I don't think she said anything bad, she was just embarrassed that we were laughing so at her. But, she loves to try and get in your spot. When she does it to me, I say, "you'd better scoot over or I'm going to lay down next to daddy." Then she'll turn sideways so that I have nowhere to lay! Little turkey!!! And...if someone says they are going to the bathroom, Hannah will run ahead of them all the while shouting, "me first me first me first!!!" It doesn't matter that she went 5 minutes ago, she's determined to get in there first and make you wait. So if I'm wanting her to go to the potty before we leave to go somewhere or before she gets in bed, all I have to do is say, "I'm going to the potty....FIRST!!!" Speaking of going to the potty before bed, Hannah has not worn a diaper to bed for about a week now...and she's woken up dry every morning!! Yay, maybe my diaper buying days are done!!!

Well, guess I should try going back to bed and catching a few winks before the alarm goes off in a few hours!!! I'm going to be sleepy during church today!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Frustrated Hannah!

I don't remember what Hannah was so frustrated about in the car the other day, but all of the sudden she blurted out, "oh mommy, I dust dive up! I dive up!" Joey and I couldn't help, but laugh at her...poor thing driven to the limit and all her parents can do is laugh at her!

So I am an official American Idol junkie. It is the only show that I will actually sit down and watch and not fall asleep during! And the only other show that I care to watch on t.v. is America's Funniest Videos...but even that, I usually fall asleep during. I have been excited about American Idol starting since the season finale last year! And the premier was last week and for a week before that I would say things like, "guess what starts on the 16th...American Idol!" and "do you know what is coming on on Tuesday?...American Idol!" Hannah picked up on that and now she says, "hey mommy, guess what's happening on ballet tlass!!!"

Coupon Chief

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Friday, January 19, 2007
Have I Mentioned?

That it is next to impossible to get a good picture of Hannah lately? I'm not talking about how adorable she is, I'm talking about just a normal picture of her sitting there smiling. When she does try to sit there smiling, she manages this fake smile that looks really funny and forced! Tonight she is sporting some new Valentine pj's and I wanted to take her picture because she looks really cute in them and she was sooo proud of them. She was extremely upset about having to get out of the tub until Maw Maw said, "do you want mama to take your picture in your new pajamas?" Suddenly the tears faded and she was ready to strike a pose! But, when she got in front of the camera all she could manage was her fake smile or a silly face...oh and there was the part where she kept messing with her shirt and showing her belly button. Anyway, I did manage one picture of her that was cute. She was blowing a kiss and the camera flashed at the perfect time.

So tonight we went to see Charlotte's Web at the movie theatre. We had gotten a gift card for the movies for Christmas and we finally got around to using it. Charlotte's Web was a cute movie. Hannah seemed to like it enough that she was content watching it the whole time. Other than that, we've not done much today.

Thursday, January 18, 2007
My Husband Is Sold

...on the new Apple iPhone. Even to the point that he told me this morning that we are going to have to switch phone carriers, just so that he can have one when they come out. I agree, it is a super cool phone. He gets glassy eyed everytime he talks about it's touch screen and all of the other WONDERFUL things it will do. The good thing is that I think it comes out right before his birthday! So, maybe for his birthday...that will be easy!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
It's Told!!!

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Well, it has been "told" here for several days now. And while I am glad that the sleet and freezing rain seem to be done with, I do not look forward to the heat returning. I would be just as happy if it stayed cold like this for a while. The only bad thing is that my child tends to like to run around the house with nothing on. As soon as we get home from where ever she removes almost every article of clothing. Which is o.k. with me for the most part as I figure she will out grow that eventually, but lately with it being soooooo very cold, she comes and sits in my lap and I think for a moment that a chunk of ice has been dropped in my lap! I'm thinking it can't be good for her little body to be that cold! I have had to force her to wear clothes for the last three days! Today I told her that I didn't want to see her again with no clothes on! All the while I'm thinking, "that is something I really never anticipated hearing myself say!" Hmmmm! I just never thought that would be an issue. Apparently though it is a trend in our family because I remember my cousin telling stories about Hannah's Aunt Leigh Anne not wanting her clothes on either! Oh well, eventually she should grow out of this...I hope!

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This picture was taken today. We were getting ready to go to the grocery store and Hannah was sporting her gloves. Look how chubby her little cheeks have gotten. She has been on a very nice eating trend the last few days. I felt really accomplished as a mother tonight when she ate everything on her plate! And I had put quite a bit on her plate. She ate half a chicken breast, "raccaroni and cheese", peas and corn!!! All good helpings too! Her poor little tummy what tight when she finished...and I don't mean tight as in a six pack...I'm talkin' bloated with food!

Family Friendly Sites

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
A New Friend

Hannah has a new friend. Friends at our church just had a baby today and when I told Hannah that the mom was having her baby today, she started asking all kinds of questions. Just when I started to worry about where her questions would take us, she asked, "tan she walk?" Speaking of the mom to be. "Not right now, she probably can't," I told her. Then Hannah said, "oh, did they tut her legs off?" Where on earth she got that idea, I have no idea! Then when we were up at the hospital, Hannah was looking at the new baby all bundled up in her blanket and said, "Does her have arms?" As far as she could tell that baby was just a sweet little face!

And would you believe it? She still would not give her nini to that little baby!!!

Makin' Cupcakes!

Tonight Hannah and I made cupcakes. For some unknown reason I thought this might be fun. And really it was, it's just that when you are making cupcakes with a three year old, you should monitor the sprinkle situation at all times. It is not possible for you to ice the cupcakes while the three year old works on the sprinkles!! If you try this the end result will be BAD! Oh well, I guess as long as she had fun, it's o.k.

Recently we have been telling Hannah when she gets hurt that, "it's o.k. it will get well before you get married!" Usually it's just a bumped head or she fell and bonked her knee and by the time we say that she's fine. The other day Maw Maw bumped her hand or something and she said, "ouch!" Hannah looked at Maw Maw and said, "it's otay, it'll dit better before I dit married!" She said the same thing to me tonight when I touched the hot pan of cupcakes. Funny girl!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It used to make me so mad...madder...when I was mad about something and my family would say stuff like, "you'd better watch it your gonna step on that lip if you stick it out any further!" or "don't you smile!" So why is it that when Hannah was acting mad tonight, I got quite the enjoyment of telling her the same things?? And of course, just like me...she couldn't help laughing when I said those things...but she wasn't very impressed that I had made her laugh when she really wanted to be mad!

Not much has been going on around here lately. Hannah is going through a phase (at least I hope it's a phase) where she is quite amused by tooting. Last night Joey was laying in bed and he held his hand up like a chair for her to sit in and when she did, she tooted right in his hand. Joey wasn't amused, but Hannah sure thought it was funny! Isn't that lovely!! Then the other night we were in a restaurant and Hannah announced (to the entire restaurant) "I tooted!" Me, Joey and Papa at the same time said, "SHHHHHHHHH!" Where does she get this stuff???

In ballet and tap they have started learning the steps for the dances of her recital. They are adorable...even when they are doing the wrong step or are on the wrong leg! I'll have to take my camera this week and see if I can get some video! Other than that, we've been up to the same old stuff!

Monday, January 08, 2007
Wishin' & Hopin'

It's true. Little girls really do dream about the day they will get married from the time that they know what a wedding is. Hannah has been asking for some time to see my "getting married dress". And it seems like she always asks when I am busy or we are out and about or about to leave the house. Once again this morning she asked to see my dress and I almost responded in the usual manner of, "not right now sweetie." But I thought, oh well, I'm not doing anything else important. So I drug the dress and veil out of the closest. First she wanted me to put it on. Sadly, that didn't work out so well. It seems the dress doesn't fit as well today as it did 7 1/2 years ago. And that's all I've got to say about that! 'Cept that one day! One day I will fit back into that dress!

Anyway, then Hannah wanted to try the dress on and I didn't see any harm in letting her put it on and dream a little. She was so cute. She got that dreamy look in her eyes and said, "oh, when I dit married, I'm dunna wear dis dress and I will be so bootiful. Are I look bootiful in it?"

I hope she does want to wear it when she "dits married"! And of course I couldn't let her stand there all bootiful, without taking her picture! O.k. so I took a few pictures, I'm sure you understand!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007
Gone to Heaven

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days. We went out of town this past weekend and I've been busy since we got back.

Tonight we went to dinner at Pappasito's with Mimi and Papa. At the end of our meal, the waitress asked if Hannah would like a balloon. Duh! Of course she wants a balloon. I personally find the things annoying...especially when your driving and the balloon keeps floating up into the front seat. Or when you're sitting next to Hannah and she keeps bopping you in the face with the thing. None the less, Hannah got a balloon and we made it home without incident! But when we got home, it was rather cold out and the wind was blowing so that it cut right through you. As Joey was getting Hannah out of her seat, I was in the back trying to gather a few things to take in from the Pilot. Now we learned some time ago that Hannah is not impressed with watching her balloon float into the air...she doesn't find it even romotely entertaining that her balloons can go soooooo high. But with the back of the Pilot open and Hannah's door open a nasty gust of wind can make a balloon soar to amazing heights! "Wwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhh, MY BALLOOOOOOOON! IT DOT AWAAAAAAAYYY!" Joey says, "it's o.k. Hannah, your balloon went to heaven and we'll get another one another day!" "Wwaaaaahhhhhhhh!" This continued as we finished getting our things from the car. When we got to the back door, Maw Maw opened it as she could hear Hannah crying from inside. Maw Maw asked, "what's the matter with my baby?" Hannah responds, "MY BALLOOOOOON WENT TO HEAVEN, IT WENT TO LIVE WITH JESUS! WAHAHAAAHHAAAH!" Poor girl was heart broken.

Now I know that it seems cruel to laugh at such a distraught child, but it took all we had to keep from rolling on the floor! "My balloon went to heaven, it went to live with Jesus!"

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