Sunday, January 28, 2007
4 AM...Are You Kidding Me???

It's not Hannah keeping me awake this time...I just can't sleep! Which drives me nuts. I absolutely can not stand to lay in bed awake for hours. So here I am trying to get sleepy in front of the computer! Lovely!

Hannah has not been up to much lately. I cleaned her little plastic swing off the other day and hung it back up in the backyard and she loved it...again. The weather has been sooooo nice the last few days that we had to get outside. It's been so dreary and gross out lately that we were about to loose our minds and go stir crazy! But the last three days have been gorgeous.

Hannah has come out with some crazy things lately. The other day she crawled up in bed and when Maw Maw came to lay down Hannah scooted over on Maw Maw's side and layed right where she was about to sit down. She's done this before and just laughs. When she did it the other night my mom scooted her over and sat down in her spot all the while laughing at Hannah. Hannah, laughing too, blurts out, "I SWEAR..." Maw Maw and I started laughing so hard that we didn't hear what she said afterwards and she wouldn't tell us later. I don't think she said anything bad, she was just embarrassed that we were laughing so at her. But, she loves to try and get in your spot. When she does it to me, I say, "you'd better scoot over or I'm going to lay down next to daddy." Then she'll turn sideways so that I have nowhere to lay! Little turkey!!! And...if someone says they are going to the bathroom, Hannah will run ahead of them all the while shouting, "me first me first me first!!!" It doesn't matter that she went 5 minutes ago, she's determined to get in there first and make you wait. So if I'm wanting her to go to the potty before we leave to go somewhere or before she gets in bed, all I have to do is say, "I'm going to the potty....FIRST!!!" Speaking of going to the potty before bed, Hannah has not worn a diaper to bed for about a week now...and she's woken up dry every morning!! Yay, maybe my diaper buying days are done!!!

Well, guess I should try going back to bed and catching a few winks before the alarm goes off in a few hours!!! I'm going to be sleepy during church today!!!

Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

Hannah! LOL... That is too cute. I hope you got some sleep. I know how it feels to just be awake for no reason. Maybe that's the only time God can find to talk to us. ;-)


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