Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Frustrated Hannah!

I don't remember what Hannah was so frustrated about in the car the other day, but all of the sudden she blurted out, "oh mommy, I dust dive up! I dive up!" Joey and I couldn't help, but laugh at her...poor thing driven to the limit and all her parents can do is laugh at her!

So I am an official American Idol junkie. It is the only show that I will actually sit down and watch and not fall asleep during! And the only other show that I care to watch on t.v. is America's Funniest Videos...but even that, I usually fall asleep during. I have been excited about American Idol starting since the season finale last year! And the premier was last week and for a week before that I would say things like, "guess what starts on the 16th...American Idol!" and "do you know what is coming on on Tuesday?...American Idol!" Hannah picked up on that and now she says, "hey mommy, guess what's happening on Thursday...my ballet tlass!!!"


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I am the stay at home mommy of Hannah. In addition to taking care of her, I take care of her daddy. Joey, my husband is the pastor at our church and that means that I have to be on my best behavior most of the time!! Actually I'm probably not, but I do try so so hard! Especially at church, but that's only because I'm usually sitting on the front pew!

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