Thursday, January 04, 2007
Gone to Heaven

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days. We went out of town this past weekend and I've been busy since we got back.

Tonight we went to dinner at Pappasito's with Mimi and Papa. At the end of our meal, the waitress asked if Hannah would like a balloon. Duh! Of course she wants a balloon. I personally find the things annoying...especially when your driving and the balloon keeps floating up into the front seat. Or when you're sitting next to Hannah and she keeps bopping you in the face with the thing. None the less, Hannah got a balloon and we made it home without incident! But when we got home, it was rather cold out and the wind was blowing so that it cut right through you. As Joey was getting Hannah out of her seat, I was in the back trying to gather a few things to take in from the Pilot. Now we learned some time ago that Hannah is not impressed with watching her balloon float into the air...she doesn't find it even romotely entertaining that her balloons can go soooooo high. But with the back of the Pilot open and Hannah's door open a nasty gust of wind can make a balloon soar to amazing heights! "Wwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhh, MY BALLOOOOOOOON! IT DOT AWAAAAAAAYYY!" Joey says, "it's o.k. Hannah, your balloon went to heaven and we'll get another one another day!" "Wwaaaaahhhhhhhh!" This continued as we finished getting our things from the car. When we got to the back door, Maw Maw opened it as she could hear Hannah crying from inside. Maw Maw asked, "what's the matter with my baby?" Hannah responds, "MY BALLOOOOOON WENT TO HEAVEN, IT WENT TO LIVE WITH JESUS! WAHAHAAAHHAAAH!" Poor girl was heart broken.

Now I know that it seems cruel to laugh at such a distraught child, but it took all we had to keep from rolling on the floor! "My balloon went to heaven, it went to live with Jesus!"


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