Sunday, January 14, 2007

It used to make me so mad...madder...when I was mad about something and my family would say stuff like, "you'd better watch it your gonna step on that lip if you stick it out any further!" or "don't you smile!" So why is it that when Hannah was acting mad tonight, I got quite the enjoyment of telling her the same things?? And of course, just like me...she couldn't help laughing when I said those things...but she wasn't very impressed that I had made her laugh when she really wanted to be mad!

Not much has been going on around here lately. Hannah is going through a phase (at least I hope it's a phase) where she is quite amused by tooting. Last night Joey was laying in bed and he held his hand up like a chair for her to sit in and when she did, she tooted right in his hand. Joey wasn't amused, but Hannah sure thought it was funny! Isn't that lovely!! Then the other night we were in a restaurant and Hannah announced (to the entire restaurant) "I tooted!" Me, Joey and Papa at the same time said, "SHHHHHHHHH!" Where does she get this stuff???

In ballet and tap they have started learning the steps for the dances of her recital. They are adorable...even when they are doing the wrong step or are on the wrong leg! I'll have to take my camera this week and see if I can get some video! Other than that, we've been up to the same old stuff!

Anonymous Cindy had this to say:

I'm so proud!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

LOL! All six of mine ranging from 2 up to 15 years think that's funny! As for the "lip" comments, I was always told to "stop pouting.." Ummm.. people.. I'm ignoring you because you're obnoxious.. not pouting. @@


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