Wednesday, January 17, 2007
It's Told!!!

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Well, it has been "told" here for several days now. And while I am glad that the sleet and freezing rain seem to be done with, I do not look forward to the heat returning. I would be just as happy if it stayed cold like this for a while. The only bad thing is that my child tends to like to run around the house with nothing on. As soon as we get home from where ever she removes almost every article of clothing. Which is o.k. with me for the most part as I figure she will out grow that eventually, but lately with it being soooooo very cold, she comes and sits in my lap and I think for a moment that a chunk of ice has been dropped in my lap! I'm thinking it can't be good for her little body to be that cold! I have had to force her to wear clothes for the last three days! Today I told her that I didn't want to see her again with no clothes on! All the while I'm thinking, "that is something I really never anticipated hearing myself say!" Hmmmm! I just never thought that would be an issue. Apparently though it is a trend in our family because I remember my cousin telling stories about Hannah's Aunt Leigh Anne not wanting her clothes on either! Oh well, eventually she should grow out of this...I hope!

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This picture was taken today. We were getting ready to go to the grocery store and Hannah was sporting her gloves. Look how chubby her little cheeks have gotten. She has been on a very nice eating trend the last few days. I felt really accomplished as a mother tonight when she ate everything on her plate! And I had put quite a bit on her plate. She ate half a chicken breast, "raccaroni and cheese", peas and corn!!! All good helpings too! Her poor little tummy what tight when she finished...and I don't mean tight as in a six pack...I'm talkin' bloated with food!


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