Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Makin' Cupcakes!

Tonight Hannah and I made cupcakes. For some unknown reason I thought this might be fun. And really it was, it's just that when you are making cupcakes with a three year old, you should monitor the sprinkle situation at all times. It is not possible for you to ice the cupcakes while the three year old works on the sprinkles!! If you try this the end result will be BAD! Oh well, I guess as long as she had fun, it's o.k.

Recently we have been telling Hannah when she gets hurt that, "it's o.k. it will get well before you get married!" Usually it's just a bumped head or she fell and bonked her knee and by the time we say that she's fine. The other day Maw Maw bumped her hand or something and she said, "ouch!" Hannah looked at Maw Maw and said, "it's otay, it'll dit better before I dit married!" She said the same thing to me tonight when I touched the hot pan of cupcakes. Funny girl!

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

*sigh* 3rd time's a charm.. I hope... As long as everything is all healed up by Hannah's wedding, all is well..also, I too need supervision when using sprinkles. PLEASE POST THIS TIME!


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