Tuesday, January 16, 2007
A New Friend

Hannah has a new friend. Friends at our church just had a baby today and when I told Hannah that the mom was having her baby today, she started asking all kinds of questions. Just when I started to worry about where her questions would take us, she asked, "tan she walk?" Speaking of the mom to be. "Not right now, she probably can't," I told her. Then Hannah said, "oh, did they tut her legs off?" Where on earth she got that idea, I have no idea! Then when we were up at the hospital, Hannah was looking at the new baby all bundled up in her blanket and said, "Does her have arms?" As far as she could tell that baby was just a sweet little face!

And would you believe it? She still would not give her nini to that little baby!!!

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

You really should think about discussing why it's important not to be selfish with her.


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