Friday, February 16, 2007
Ballet Day...

Hannah had ballet today and she was a little stinker! I finally told her that she wouldn't be able to go next week. I hate that because I've already paid her tuition for it. But, I can't just let her act like that and think that she can get away with it. I thought about telling her on Monday that it was Thursday and that I'm sorry, but she can't go...and then actually let her go on the real Thursday. I don't know. All I know is that when her teacher has to pick her up and put her on her green tape three times that I have to do something dramatic so that maybe next time she'll do as her teacher asks her to. She LOVES going to ballet so I'm thinking that I might get her attention if she thinks she has to miss a class...but I'm not sure that a week is not too long to expect a three year old to remember that she didn't behave in ballet. Maybe I'll just let her go and tell her that if she acts like that again, we will be leaving the class for that day and follow through if she acts up. Who knows what's right to do? Any suggestions???

Earlier today I went to the dentist...what a pain. For the rest of the afternoon, I felt as if my upper lip was hanging down over my chin. Even tonight when we went to eat, I had trouble (not that I couldn't use a break from eating after yesterday!). Every time I took a drink I had to hold my upper lip down over the straw or I felt like water was going to pour out of my mouth. Fun times, yes, fun times! I was worried for a little while that I had had a reaction to the anesthesia and that my upper lip would be paralyzed forever. Fortunately I can finally feel my face again. Hannah will be happy that our bubble blowing days are not over!


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