Friday, February 23, 2007
Ballet Success!

Yay! Hannah had a much better day at ballet today. Hopefully this is the start of a new trend. Although I did threaten her before she went in. I told her that if she misbehaved that we would have to leave and that we wouldn't be going to dinner with Mimi afterwards. So she behaved. And hopefully it will continue to work. I think if we do end up having to leave, it will only take one time doing it. After ballet we went to Casa Ole...yes today! And since Hannah was so good in ballet and at dinner, she got to play in the sand box afterwards.

The other day Maw Maw was giving Hannah a bath. I had bought popsicles at the store a day or so before that. These popsicles are smaller than the regular ones and can be eaten in a couple of bites. I thought these would be better than the regular sized know less sugar and junk. Anyway, Hannah wanted one while she took her bath so I brought her and Maw Maw both one. Hannah was busy playing with her's and eating it pretty slowly while Maw Maw just ate her's in a few bites. When Hannah looked up and saw that Maw Maw's was gone she said, "wow, your's is all don! You don't mess around!" She got that from her father!!!

I haven't posted many pictures lately...just haven't taken many...or really probably any in a couple of weeks. So maybe tomorrow I'll break out the camera and try to get a few up here in the next day or so.


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