Thursday, February 01, 2007
Company and Happy Birthday, Leigh Anne!

Hannah's 3rd cousin came in this evening and even though they really came to see Aunt Leigh Anne for her birthday...which is today...Hannah really thinks that Avery came to see her. They played so hard this evening that when they went to get in bed, I think they both went to sleep pretty fast! It's quiet in there anyway! Not typical for Hannah!!! I love when Hannah has other children to play with. With her being the only child in a home with 4 adults and not going to preschool or Mother's Day Out, she doesn't have that opportunity as often as I wish she did. She sees other children at church, but that's usually only once or twice a week for an hour or so. Anyway...I ramble! They had so much fun tonight. They laughed, ran, played, laughed some more and hid from each other. Hannah woke up this morning asking what time Avery was going to be here. And usually she would jump at the chance to go somewhere with just her daddy, not tonight...she was staying here to wait for Avery! Agh! I guess I spoke too comes Hannah now!! Better try and get her back to bed!!!

Happy 35th Birthday, Leigh Anne! Wow, we're getting old...but you will always be older!!!

Hannah wants to type something too now!! Here goes...

bbv4hvcyy5uy343yf3yfh vnn nnt3 to rjb ur o ut o u u694 u3uoiaoi4ouaieuroiabc fy7gd6g7g67676gg8w6g76fg676g767ygy7y5w7yywuwwfyyrkkkkkkdfh kdddregk ka i52uyi3UYIF UFYFHFHYU4YIYRRUYYIYFIIIIIIIIIIIIHH IFFH488Q77FQ5483QF738Q7F5FF777787F

Try spell check on that one!!!

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Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

Please tell Leigh Anne that I said Happy Birthday!!!!


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