Thursday, February 15, 2007
Happy Valentine's Day!

I know the date on this is going to show Feb. 15th, but that's o.k. 'cause I haven't gone to bed it's still Valentine's Day to me!

Joey and I took Hannah to breakfast at the donut shop because she wanted donut holes for her "Balentine's Day" breakfast. We sat and ate our donuts, donut holes and kolaches at Best Donuts...and yes they do have the BEST donuts! Especially when they are hot on Sunday morning!!! Uhmmm! My mouth is watering just thinking about them...anyway, I digress! After that we came home and were lazy (well, Hannah and I were...Joey had work to do)!! We gave Hannah a Dorothy (from Wizard of Oz) barbie and she played with it most of the day! Hannah and I watched t.v. and I started cleaning her play room. I had to send her out of there several times because she kept pulling out the things I was putting away. She wasn't at all interested in putting things away and I finally gave up on getting her to help. I thought she had gone back into our room to watch t.v. when I came out with a bag of stuffed animals and things to take to Salvation Army. "Hey, why'd you put dose toys in dat bag," Hannah asked. I said, "uh, uhm, well...I thought since you didn't play with these things anymore we could take them to some other children that don't have any toys to play with!" BIG MISTAKE! Long story short...we still have those toys and stuffed animals that were in that bag! Hannah isn't at all interested in giving less fortunate children toys to play with...especially if they happen to be coming out of her playroom!! Maybe someday she'll be more charitable. After church tonight, Joey and I had a Valentine's date at a Hibachi Steak place where I proceeded to stuff myself so that I still feel sick from it. I really love that place, but the people next to us ordered something and turns out it was slices of raw meat and they were supposed to eat it raw!! Bleh! So now here I am at the computer trying to sit up for a while so that I don't have indigestion all night.

Wow, I just read back through this post and it sounds like all we did was eat and laze around today, but I did work on Hannah's playroom and we went to church too!

Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

Well jeepers Shawn, I do hope there is enough food left for the rest of us after your Balentine's Day! ;-)


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