Wednesday, February 07, 2007
The Last Few Days

We've been pretty busy. Leigh Anne had her birthday and so many people came to visit her. The day before yesterday we took Hannah to the zoo again and as always, she loved it. Before we told her where we were going she kept saying that she wanted to go to Toys R Us, but when she heard we were going to the zoo instead she was all the more happy about that. This time her favorite animal was the giraffe. Usually she loves the elephants which she still enjoyed, just liked the giraffes more this time.

Yesterday we went to eat lunch with Billy and Amy at Chick-fil-a and there was another little boy playing in the play area. Hannah always manages to befriend at least one other child that we've never met before in the play area and yesterday was no exception. I asked Hannah if she knew what her new friend's name was and he told me that he knew what his name was. I said, "well, what is his name?' He said, "my name's fifofer!" "Christopher," I asked. "Yes, fifofer!" It wasn't just the way he pronounced his name that was adorable. The inflection in his voice when he said it was equally entertaining. I wish I could somehow duplicate exactly how he said it here...impossible with words!!

Last night Joey was poking around in the pantry trying to find a late night snack when he and Hannah decided beef jerky was the munchie of choice. As they were walking back to our room to watch t.v. with their beef jerky, I asked Hannah what she had. She said, "beef turkey!" And that is what she called it the rest of the night.

I've taken a few pictures over the last few days and couldn't decide which to put on here so I did a slide show. Enjoy!

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Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

Memories! I have pics of Ryan crawling out of that turtle shell..and then, we lost him at the zoo and we found him on that frog! And I've sat in that nest! :-D I need to go to the zoo! Loved the pics! And I could just imagine how Christopher said his name! You did a good job! Hannah is sooo cute! Let me squeeze her! Thanks. Did you tell Leigh Anne that I said happy birthday? It sounds like she had a great one! YAY!!


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