Friday, February 09, 2007
Review My Post!!

O.k. so I've been doing this PayPerPostthing for a few months and have to say that I really love it! I am going to save all the money I make from this and get a computa!!! That's right, I plan on makin' that much moo-lah! has macbook pros and they take pay pal!!! As Hannah would say..."Rock on, dudes!" Then I can blog all the more about Hannah and all of the wonderful things she does!! PayPerPost has a new thing now too where I can get paid multiple times for each post. For each post I write I will put a code at the bottom of each post that will show up as a button that you click on and thus proceed to review my post...yep you get to review my post! When you do, you get paid!!! Rock on!!! And...I get paid again!!! Double rock on!!! It is also a great way that I can build traffic to the blog. I am super excited about it because it just means that I'll be getting that new computa soona!!! So go on, get hoppin'...what are you waiting this post, here's the little button. All you gotta do is click it and write a review for this post. Get paid moo-lah and then we'll both be hap hap a rooskie!!!


Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

I'm still working on getting my blog approved. Anywho, I tried to review your blog but it took me to a new user registration page and I was already logged in as myself! I'm not sure how to go about reviewing you considering they won't work with me. *Sigh* I was gonna tell you how awesome you are too...but.. now, I can't.


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