Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Today's Outing...

This morning we had to get up and drive downtown for a doctors appointment. Fun, fun in rush hour traffic. I had to be there at 8:30 this morning so we left at about 7:15. We now know that we should have left about 25 minutes earlier as I was late! So while I went in to see the doctor, Joey drove around with Hannah because the little lamb slept until 10:30! All went well at the news really to report, everything looks good. No news is good news right? I say yes. They did check my ICD and said that I had had a few unsustained episodes. These are o.k. It's when they are sustained that we (and when I say we...I really mean I)have trouble. Trouble as in I'm about to get the tar shocked out of me! One of the episodes I recall having. I had just finished singing a solo at church and right at the end of my still playing...I felt that "feeling" and thought OH LORD, PLEASE DON'T LET IT SHOCK ME RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CHURCH! I hadn't really thought much about it since because thankfully I didn't get shocked, but when he told me the date I thought...I remember that! Someday I'll have to write about the stories I've heard about people getting shocked. I really don't appreciate people telling me these stories, but invariably when people hear that I have a defibrillator, they feel the need to share their uncle's friend's great great nephew's stepdad's story of when they got shocked in the shower!! But that is another post entirely

So when Hannah finally woke up in the car, Joey took her to ride the train over by the zoo. Then when I finished at the doctors office, I was jealous that they had riden the train together without we rode it again! So I'm kind of a with it! And don't you know Hannah was just so perturbed about having to go again!!! Actually it was her daddy that wasn't so thrilled about riding the train a second time. Hannah couldn't have been happier! Then after that we decided that we would celebrate my good doctor's report with Chinese food!!! Hahaha! I had to make up for the last few days of panic and eating well because I knew I had an appointment coming up! And I had to reward myself somehow and somehow that just seemed the most appropriate at the time! Plus I had fasted for blood work (after getting up early) and it was almost 1 PM! The temptation was just more than I could handle. O.k. so I'll quit trying to justify my bad behavior today and just say...oh well, tomorrow I'll be back on the wagon food much as that is possible for me!

Anyway, Hannah had fun on the train twice today!


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