Saturday, March 31, 2007
Win A Dyson Vaccum

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a drawing for a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I know you all probably hate housework as much as I do and the tought of a vacuum cleaner doesn't exactly thrill you, but winning one would be great! So go on over and sign up for the drawing at 5 Minutes for Mom!

Thursday, March 29, 2007
I Am Retarded!!

O.k. I know you're all tempted to comment on this one...spare me, please! So here's the story. Tonight I was looking at my site meter to see if I could tell who had visited the blog today. While the site meter doesn't tell me exactly who visited, I can kind of guess by some of the locations who may have looked at the blog. Sometimes it will even tell me the company if it was looked at on someone's work computer...anyway...I was checking out the site meter and I noticed that someone in an "Unknown Country" had visited numerous times today and on occasion, stayed for quite a lengthy time! All of the "Unknown Country's" had the same ip address and I just thought it was strange that this "lurker" had been by so frequently in the last couple of days and stayed so long on some of the visits. I was seriously thinking of password protecting the entire blog and having it accessible by invite only, but I got to thinking, I wonder if I could look up an ip address. Guess what, you can! Want to know who my "lurker" is?


So I had a Grover moment! I'm allowed every now and then to have a Gover moment, aren't I?

I realize that some people might know their ip address by heart, but I don''t, but now I do. I do feel relieved that we don't have a stalker on our hands!!!

In other news...Hannah is doing extremely well in her dance class these days! I'm so proud of her...of course she still has the occasional 3 year old moment, but she really is doing better. Hannah's teacher, Miss Courtney sprained her knee a while back and will sometimes limp when she does some of the dance moves. Each time before she goes into her class I tell Hannah, "now Hannah, you have to behave and do exactly what Miss Courtney tells you to. Stay right with her and do all the things she does." Today I noticed she actually took my words to heart. When Miss Courtney would limp, so would Hannah! They're so literal at three!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Peep Bar Jars

I got this idea from David's mom, who got the idea from another blog. And I decided that Hannah and I had to make these. I must say that I'm very happy with how they turned out. They were so easy to make that Hannah was able to do most of it with just a little direction. All I had to do was tell her what to do, measure the ingredients and get the peeps in the right place. Hannah did all the rest. Anyway, that is what Hannah and I did this morning.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007
I Know I've Been Horrible...

at keeping the blog updated! We've been a little busy. Today I cleaned the play room. And when I say cleaned, I really do mean cleaned! This past Saturday I bought some foam mats to lay on the floor and I had to pick everything up to get them down on the floor. Don't tell Hannah, but I got rid of a bunch of old toys too. Mostly just old Happy Meal toys and things like that, but there were a few that had just been bugging me and I got rid of those too! So I got the mats down, but I think I need one more package of them...wouldn't you know it. Hannah thinks its her new dance floor. She asked me why I had put all of her toys on top of it. And just so you is next to impossible to clean out a room with Hannah around. She came in there right after I had started and pulled a few things out of the trash bag and said, "hey, what are dese toys doin' in here with all dis trash?" When I told her that I was cleaning and I wanted her to look around and see if there were any toys that we could get rid of, she said, "nope, I want to teep all de toys, I don't want to dit rid of any toys!" Great, she's a lot of help!! Anyway, I did get it done and I feel tons better. When I was all finished I went into the living room and thought, crud...there are more toys in here!!! I also managed to scrape the skin off of my ankle on Hannah's doll bed rocker! Wouldn't have guessed that my hubby is a minister at that moment!!! Haha! That really hurt, but I was relieved that no one else was in there as I am sure I looked rather clumsy, trying to keep from falling on the floor. Plus there was the whole part where I need to wash my mouth out with soap now! I was going to post some pictures (of the room, not my clumsiness), but after I took them, I realized that that play room still looks messy...guess that's the nature of the room!!! So you'll just have to take my word for it that it looks better than it did!! And I would be way embarassed to show before pics so a before and after is out of the question!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007
Overdue Update!!

I know it's been over a week since I posted last. We had company last weekend and then I've been sick. Feeling better now, but I gotta run. I'll update later tonight, hopefully! The latest favorite pic to tide you over!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Market Street

There is a relatively new shopping place here called Market Street and I love it! It isn't brand new, but it's only been her about a year or so...maybe not even that long. Hannah, Joey and I went there yesterday. I normally like to shop there, but yesterday we went there so that Hannah could play in the courtyard. They have a big open grassy area and then they have a water fountain that kids can play in. Water shoots up from the ground and the kids love it. Hannah was no exception to that. She was soaked by the time we left. When we left the house I hadn't planned on going there so I didn't have any extra clothes for Hannah. And since she was soaked, I couldn't let her take the 30+ minute ride home wet and cold so she went home in the buff. Thank heaven for an old (but clean) diaper in the back of the car. I don't imagine those crumbs in her carseat would have been very pleasant!!! So enjoy the slideshow. The last picture is my new all time favorite! There are a couple of Joey after he tried making it through the fountain without getting wet! Note the water spot on the inside of his left leg!! Then note the look of irritation on his face!! Haha!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Hannah's Prayers

I'm not sure where Hannah gets some of the things that she says and does and then there are some things that I know exactly where they come from. For example once Hannah was in the tub which is my favorite place for her to have popsicles. I had taken one to the bathroom for her and one for Maw Maw. Now these were small popsicles, the size that could be eaten in a couple or three bites by an adult. Maybe a few more by a child. Well, Maw Maw finished her's off in a matter of moments at which Hannah was quite surprised. When she looked up and saw the empty popsicle stick Maw Maw was holding she said, "wow, you finished your's already. You don't mess around!" Now I know good and well that Hannah got that from her daddy. He is always saying, "I don't mess around when it comes to this or that!" Then there was the time when she was laying in bed and got frustrated at something and blurted out, "I swear!" That one would be Maw Maw's!! But...the other night as Hannah was laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep, she looked up at Maw Maw and said, "I'm dunna ask Jesus to dive me a baby." She really wants a real baby. So she ducked her head under the covers and mumbled a few things ending with, "and pwease dive me a real baby. You're workin' on it? Otay! Amen." Ah the faith of a child!!

Then today we were in the car and she said something about praying and after her short little prayer she said, "in Jesus name, amen!"

Now I realize that she's heard us pray and she probably listens to those prayers more than we realize, but I don't think I recall ever asking God if He was "workin' on something"!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007
The Ultimate Gift

Joey and I went to the movies tonight and saw "Wild Hogs". But...when I came home I was looking around on the internet and was reading about "The Ultimate Gift" based on the novel by the same title. I liked the movie we saw, but I wish we had seen The Ultimate Gift instead. It's about a guy who has always had everything he ever wanted because his family was well to do. His wealthy grandfather has died leaving him a big inheritance. But in order to get the inheritance he has to "pass a test" and gets a lesson on life which forces him to decide what's more important in life; money or happiness. Jason thought his inheritance was money and lots of it. He had always had a hard relationship with his grandfather that had more to do with money and material things than love and tenderheartedness. So when he went to the "reading of the will", he figured that it would just be a simple open and close case of handing over the fortune of his grandfather's estate. He thought his Grandfather's money would allow him to continue living the lifestyle that he always had and had become so accustomed to. But what his grandfather left was far from simple. He devised a plan for Jason have the experience of a lifetime. He is assigned twelve tasks, which his grandfather calls "gifts." Each challenge Jason, and in the end his life would change forever.

This is the official site of the movie "The Ultimate Gift" and the grass-roots movement its starting to help charities and give to others.

Sponsored by: we really did go to the movies and I'm going to try to talk Joey into going back to see this one in the next day or so!!


We went to the Rodeo tonight. We actually left at about 4:00 this afternoon so we would have time to walk around and look at the animals. I am an idiot and left the camera at home!! But...I did pay $7 for a picture of her on the pony ride. I really wanted to buy her a pink cowgirl hat to match her boots, but everything is soooo very expensive there! We really didn't need to spend as much money as we did, let alone any more than we did! Hannah didn't take a nap today so I can't believe that when we got home, she was still going strong. Although that didn't last long!! She's sound asleep now! I was also amazed that she actually got in the pin with the goats and actually fed them! She's not very fond of most animals...especially if they are prone to jumping on you...and we all know how billy goats can be! I feel like we were ripped off there though...we paid $2 to give those goats food that we bought from the people who owned the goats!! Shouldn't they be buying their own food? Although there wasn't a charge to go into the petting zoo area, I'm sure they got paid by the rodeo to come and set up there! How silly were we to fall for that one?!?!?! After going through the animal exhibits, we ate some really good junk food! I had shrimp on a stick, red beans and rice and boudin!! It was good! Now I'm hurtin'!! Zantac to the rescue!!! Worth every bit of indigestion though!! The only thing Hannah didn't get to do was ride the ferris wheel. By the time we got over there, we were exhausted and fresh out of money!!!

I wanted to post the picture of her on the pony, but I can't get the scanner to work...perhaps I'll update tomorrow and add the pic!

I'm A Little Mad!!

You probably know how you always get a discount on your phone when you sign a year or so contract for a cell phone service. And I'm sure you know that there are some phones that you can even get for free when you sign up for service. But the chances of that phone being really anything you really like a lot are slim. Maybe you remember a previous post I wrote about my kewl new cell phone! Well today I was looking around online at cell phones...I don't know why, but I was and I found a site that offers free phones when you sign up and get your phone from them. I'm not talking about the dumb cell phones that you would normally get for free, I'm talking about the Blackberry, Chocolate and Razor phones...for free! And other phones for amazingly low prices. Now I love my phone, but I had to pay for it and I paid a lot for it! I would be embarrassed to tell you exactly how much I paid for it. At Wirefly they have great cell phone deals. Not just with one particular service either. We have Verizon and want to stay with them. But they also have all of the other major cell phone providers plus a few that I didn't even realize existed. I wish I would have known about Wirefly when I paid out the wazoo for my phone...and Joey's phone and bought my mom a phone for Mother's Day!! I would have gone with them and saved a bunch of money! And I could have gotten my mom more for Mother's Day! Sorry mom! Next time I'll know! No more trips to the Verizon store for me to be ripped off! From now on I'm going straight to Wirefly !

This post is sponsored by Wirefly .


Thursday, March 08, 2007

You all have to go over to Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats and watch the video of Luke performing!! He is adorable!!

PayPerPost $$$

So if you've read my blog for any length of time, you've read about how I've started doing this blog marketing thing with PayPerPost. I must say that I really like it. I can't believe how easy it is to make money doing something that I really love to do! I love writing (surprising considering I hated English in high school) about Hannah and I really like writing about the different services and things I find online through PayPerPost. Everytime I post about a product or service, I'm that much closer to that computer that I've been wanting. So far I've made $262! In just a few posts too!! I don't even write for PPP everyday and I've made that much! There are people on there that have made thousands of dollars. The top earner there has made close to $8000! Can you believe that? I can't. And I think she has only been posting for PPP since like June or July! What a paycheck! It only takes a few minutes to write each post too! So if I post something that makes me $5...which most opportunities pay more...that means that I'm making $100 an hour! Granted I'm not posting for hours at a time, but eventually it all adds up. And I will get that new computer, just wait and see!!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Hide 'n Seek

Lately Hannah has taken to hiding when anyone comes in the house. She finds a hiding place and goes there to wait for whoever to come and find her. Sometimes she hides in the bed under the covers, sometimes she runs and hides her face on the couch. I guess if she can't see us, then we can't see her! The other day Joey, Hannah and I came home from somewhere and Hannah decided that she would hide from Maw Maw. For her hiding place...she chose the corner shelf in the kitchen. The camera was sitting right there on the counter above her so I snapped a quick shot! I always feel so accomplished when I catch her on film in the act!!

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Rattle Tattle!

I found a new children's boutique and I've been dying to go there so yesterday, Hannah and I jumped in the car and drove on over. We left with 6 new pair of shoes for her!! Three of which she really did need...maybe four that she really needed. We got new ballet and tap shoes (needed both of those), Easter shoes (needed those), two pair of sandals (really needed one pair of those, but they were cute so I bought white and pink ones), and we're going to the rodeo on Friday so we bought some pink cowgirl boots! I really think she needed those too! So actually I only bought one pair that was unnecessary...the pink sandals! The store is called Rattle Tattle...I think it has something to do with not wanting anyone to tattle to your husband that you spent so much money there! Oh well, he caught me in the act anyway...he called while I was on my way. I'm not that great at lying so I just told him where I was going. I can keep a secret forever, but if he asks...well that's it, I can't tell a lie! So here's a picture of her with her cowgirl boots...she's ready for the rodeo!! She had to put her princess dress on before she would let me take her picture!

Saturday, March 03, 2007
Breakfast Anyone?

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a Pampered Chef party. Love Pampered Chef! Well, my things came in yesterday and I was anxious to try out my new kitchen gadgets. So I made a quiche for breakfast! Right from scratch!! Can you believe that? I know I even amaze myself. You didn't think I was called shawnthegreat for nothing!! Haha, just kidding, but I did have to toot my own horn about the quiche thing...I'm not even sure if that's how you spell it! Hannah wasn't too keen on the idea of eating a "breakfast pie thing" so I just made her a poppin' egg (in case you don't know what a poppin' egg's the fried over easy kind that you can pop). Well, as I was making the quiche I cracked two of the eggs into the mix and they were the double yolk kind! How weird is that...I was just thinking the other day about how I hadn't seen one of those in a very long time. Then today I saw three eggs like that. Three! I couldn't believe it. And they were just regular Kroger brand eggs. Kind of creepy that I was thinking about those the other day too! When Maw Maw came home and I told Hannah to tell her about her eggs this morning she said, "dey were like dis!" Holding her hands up like binoculars. "Dey were twins! Stuck todether!"

The weather here has been gorgeous the last couple of days. Yesterday we went outside and played...well, Hannah played. I sat and watched her play (and took pictures). I'm not much of an outside girl, but I was also halfway waiting and watching for the Fed Ex guy to come with my Pampered Chef stuff! I know, I'm a dork. But I love new gadgets for the kitchen...especially since you all know how often I cook! None the less here are a couple of pictures from when we played outside. The first she is showing off the ring I made her eout of a flower. I also showed her how me and aunt Leigh Anne used to make necklaces and crowns with them. This next one is where she just laid down in the warm sun...which lasted all of about 5 seconds (actually just long enough for me to snap a picture)!

Thursday, March 01, 2007
Ah Tan't Dit Tha Sleapy Out Mai Ah!

That is what Hannah said the other night as we pulled in to the parking lot at a restaurant. Now to explain...sometimes when Hannah has junk in her eyes, I'll tell her she has sleepy in her eye as I wipe her face in the mornings and I think she has interpreted sleepy in her eyes not as the junk that is in her eyes, but rather the feeling that she is still sleepy. So the other day when she said that, she hadn't had a nap and kept saying how tired she was on the way to the restaurant when she finally said, "I can't get the sleepy out of my eye!" Only when she said it she had the worst southern accent that I've heard in quite some time!! And having lived in Louisiana and Texas all my life, I've heard some pretty bad ones.

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