Thursday, March 01, 2007
Ah Tan't Dit Tha Sleapy Out Mai Ah!

That is what Hannah said the other night as we pulled in to the parking lot at a restaurant. Now to explain...sometimes when Hannah has junk in her eyes, I'll tell her she has sleepy in her eye as I wipe her face in the mornings and I think she has interpreted sleepy in her eyes not as the junk that is in her eyes, but rather the feeling that she is still sleepy. So the other day when she said that, she hadn't had a nap and kept saying how tired she was on the way to the restaurant when she finally said, "I can't get the sleepy out of my eye!" Only when she said it she had the worst southern accent that I've heard in quite some time!! And having lived in Louisiana and Texas all my life, I've heard some pretty bad ones.


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