Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Hannah's Prayers

I'm not sure where Hannah gets some of the things that she says and does and then there are some things that I know exactly where they come from. For example once Hannah was in the tub which is my favorite place for her to have popsicles. I had taken one to the bathroom for her and one for Maw Maw. Now these were small popsicles, the size that could be eaten in a couple or three bites by an adult. Maybe a few more by a child. Well, Maw Maw finished her's off in a matter of moments at which Hannah was quite surprised. When she looked up and saw the empty popsicle stick Maw Maw was holding she said, "wow, you finished your's already. You don't mess around!" Now I know good and well that Hannah got that from her daddy. He is always saying, "I don't mess around when it comes to this or that!" Then there was the time when she was laying in bed and got frustrated at something and blurted out, "I swear!" That one would be Maw Maw's!! But...the other night as Hannah was laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep, she looked up at Maw Maw and said, "I'm dunna ask Jesus to dive me a baby." She really wants a real baby. So she ducked her head under the covers and mumbled a few things ending with, "and pwease dive me a real baby. You're workin' on it? Otay! Amen." Ah the faith of a child!!

Then today we were in the car and she said something about praying and after her short little prayer she said, "in Jesus name, amen!"

Now I realize that she's heard us pray and she probably listens to those prayers more than we realize, but I don't think I recall ever asking God if He was "workin' on something"!!


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