Tuesday, March 27, 2007
I Know I've Been Horrible...

at keeping the blog updated! We've been a little busy. Today I cleaned the play room. And when I say cleaned, I really do mean cleaned! This past Saturday I bought some foam mats to lay on the floor and I had to pick everything up to get them down on the floor. Don't tell Hannah, but I got rid of a bunch of old toys too. Mostly just old Happy Meal toys and things like that, but there were a few that had just been bugging me and I got rid of those too! So I got the mats down, but I think I need one more package of them...wouldn't you know it. Hannah thinks its her new dance floor. She asked me why I had put all of her toys on top of it. And just so you know...it is next to impossible to clean out a room with Hannah around. She came in there right after I had started and pulled a few things out of the trash bag and said, "hey, what are dese toys doin' in here with all dis trash?" When I told her that I was cleaning and I wanted her to look around and see if there were any toys that we could get rid of, she said, "nope, I want to teep all de toys, I don't want to dit rid of any toys!" Great, she's a lot of help!! Anyway, I did get it done and I feel tons better. When I was all finished I went into the living room and thought, crud...there are more toys in here!!! I also managed to scrape the skin off of my ankle on Hannah's doll bed rocker! Wouldn't have guessed that my hubby is a minister at that moment!!! Haha! That really hurt, but I was relieved that no one else was in there as I am sure I looked rather clumsy, trying to keep from falling on the floor. Plus there was the whole part where I need to wash my mouth out with soap now! I was going to post some pictures (of the room, not my clumsiness), but after I took them, I realized that that play room still looks messy...guess that's the nature of the room!!! So you'll just have to take my word for it that it looks better than it did!! And I would be way embarassed to show before pics so a before and after is out of the question!!!

Anonymous Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats had this to say:

I think anyone with a toy room can relate! One time while doing a thorough cleaning of our toy room we found many, MANY pill bugs just laying under all the toys! Yuck! I also think that everyone has been a little slow on the blogging lately between spring cleaning and just spring, the computers collect a little dust.


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