Saturday, March 10, 2007
I'm A Little Mad!!

You probably know how you always get a discount on your phone when you sign a year or so contract for a cell phone service. And I'm sure you know that there are some phones that you can even get for free when you sign up for service. But the chances of that phone being really anything you really like a lot are slim. Maybe you remember a previous post I wrote about my kewl new cell phone! Well today I was looking around online at cell phones...I don't know why, but I was and I found a site that offers free phones when you sign up and get your phone from them. I'm not talking about the dumb cell phones that you would normally get for free, I'm talking about the Blackberry, Chocolate and Razor phones...for free! And other phones for amazingly low prices. Now I love my phone, but I had to pay for it and I paid a lot for it! I would be embarrassed to tell you exactly how much I paid for it. At Wirefly they have great cell phone deals. Not just with one particular service either. We have Verizon and want to stay with them. But they also have all of the other major cell phone providers plus a few that I didn't even realize existed. I wish I would have known about Wirefly when I paid out the wazoo for my phone...and Joey's phone and bought my mom a phone for Mother's Day!! I would have gone with them and saved a bunch of money! And I could have gotten my mom more for Mother's Day! Sorry mom! Next time I'll know! No more trips to the Verizon store for me to be ripped off! From now on I'm going straight to Wirefly !

This post is sponsored by Wirefly .



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